Christmas Journal

Last year I joined Shimelle Laine at Journal Your Christmas.  Previous students get to joing the class year after year, without class tuition again.

I had a great time with my JYC last year, it was a bit frenzied keeping up with daily prompts throughout December.  The end result was a sweet journal of my family’s first Christmas in Reno.

The big difference this year is that I’m making my Christmas season journal with the flavor of an art journal rather than a scrapbook.  And I’m not going to be frenzied and feel like I have to get all of the daily prompts done on time and in chronological order.  I’m going to use the prompts to inspire pages and sweet Christmas memories and thoughts, but I’m not going to stress about it in any way.

I started with a booklet I got in the mail from a casino or showplace or something in Las Vegas.  The booklet is a big epensive advertisement for a bunch of Vegas shows…they used beautiful and expensive paper with awesome textures and colors.  It’s really a well-done ad…but of course you wont’ see much of that when I’m done with it!

I have prepped the book, gesso-ed all of the pages, leaving only hints of the colors and textures peeking through.

I’m working on my cover now.  I’ll post pics later.

If you haven’t ever thought about journaling your Christmas season, take a look at Shimelle’s class, it’s fun and comes from her heart.


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