Happy New Year…a Bit Late!

Okay, so my previous promise to keep on top of blogging once I finally got started…well, here I am re-committing myself.  And I don’t mean to the looney bin, although some days I wonder, lol!

Things got a bit unusual for us during December.  Along with the usual holiday scramble, and all of the other things that are timed during our holiday season (like birthdays), we had some major life changes grabbing hold.

I lost the little job that I was holding while we got our business back on its feet.  I kind of hated the job, but still, it was a job and a regular paycheck.  I had way higher expectations of that job when I started with it.  After running our own business from home for the last 4 years, taking a job with a time card and a boss and all that goes with that was a bit of a shock for me.  And clearly I didn’t adjust too well, because at the beginning of December I got the proverbial boot.

God has a way of pushing us along when we start stumbling down the wrong path.  He just shakes things up a bit and gets us back on to the path we’re supposed to be travelling.  I learned a long time ago (and keep re-learning I guess) that questioning the details of God’s plan is not my place.  So I keep my head up and keep on smiling and bumbling along.

We have lots of fun and exciting art projects and inspirations all around us.  This year, the year of 2012, is all about continuing to create and learn and share and commune.  We will be working and playing and building.  Our goal is to build up the blog and join the wonderful artists’ community out here.  Our goal is to make lots of art.  And our goal is to build the presence and face of our own art land.

I hope that the start of 2012 for you is as hopeful and bright as is mine.  I hope to get to know you and share thought and inspirations with you as we all travel down our perspective paths.

Happy New Year!  (even if a bit late)…


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