Wake Up Your Mojo!

Here’s an art journal prompt for you:  Make a journal page to showcase something motivational you like to say to yourself.

I work to wake up my mojo when I am working, when I am arting, when I am going new places and meeting new people.  It’s kind of an all-purpose mantra.

For my background, I adapted the Urban Layer Cake from Tammy over at Daisy Yellow.  (I originally participated in her workshop at the 21 Secrets Workshops during 2011…if you haven’t checked out 21 Secrets, you totally need to do so, what fun!).

The original Urban Layer Cake was in a rectangular format, I played with it in a circle on the background, and then added some smooch spray with my favorite stencil.  And then on top, my all-purpose Mantra!


What does that mean to me?  Sometimes, I need a reminder…sometimes I need to look around and remember that I managed to get this far.  I have gotten through my younger years, despite all of my best efforts.  I have managed to find the most awesome hubby in the entire world, my soul mate, my best friend.  And I manage to keep him happy and thrilled and loving life.  And together we have managed to keep four kids alive and thriving!  What a freakin’ accomplishment that is!  We have a great home with a huge yard, lots of little bunnies and quail and eagles and woodpeckers and other critters running around.  We have a wide variety of weather, four seasons, and snow and sunshine throughout the year.  We’re all healthy, and happy, and romantic and loving.  Our kids share everything (or almost everything haha) with each other and know how to watch out for and protect each other.  We have a business that supports us financially.

We have our Faith.  And we have each other.  That’s some mojo!  All I have to do when I feel like I’m not good enough, or good enough at any particular thing, is remember that I DO have mojo, I can accomplish all kinds of great things…and that gets me excited to try the next thing in front of me.

What do you say to yourself?


6 thoughts on “Wake Up Your Mojo!

  1. Thanks for the prompt, it’s a good one. Taking the time to stop and count my blessings is something I need to do more often. We have similar blessings: I have 4 kids (they’re all adults and still have difficulties sharing at times!), a wonderful husband who still loves me after all these years (30!), and his career that has allowed me to be a SAHM! I don’t have to look far to count my blessings, lol. I’m glad I came across your blog today. It’s blessed me…
    PS. We don’t have critters in our back yard like you do, LOL. 🙂

    • Elteee, thank you for the sweet feedback! Sharing our blessings helps us keep it rolling 🙂 And congrats on such a wonderful and long-lasting marriage! What’s your secret do you think?
      Have a wonderful and mojo-filled day lol.
      xoxo Dana

      • Hi Dana – your question really got me thinking… I don’t think we have a “secret.” If I was asked, I think I would probably say to be open and true to each other. We may not like what we hear, but we know that we can say what’s in our hearts. Looking forward to sharing more with each other.


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