Woo-hoo, I Got a Sewing Machine!

Years ago, before I was settling down and making a family and all of that good jazz, I got the wise idea to sell most of my stuff.  The idea was to get my Earthly possessions down to a minimum amount, so that I could easily fit it all into my VW hippie bus.  I had dreams of throwing my stuff into the bus on a whim and going somewhere new…where I would support myself by going to local fairs and selling my hand-made jewelry.

So I did get most of my stuff sold, but I never did get so wild as to jump in the bus and move somewhere new.  I did go on road trips and camping trips, and I did use the bus to find awesome free stuff left-over from garage sales and thrift stores.  I did use the bus to help my buddies move their huge art pieces from place to place for various art shows.  I just didn’t do the part of the dream that would have me leaving my home town to brave somewhere new and unfamiliar.

One of the few things that I did regret selling way back then was my old Singer Futura sewing maching.  My aunt gave me that machine so that I could learn to sew.  I sold it back then for 75 bucks.

Now, finally, many years later (14 or 15 years I think), I have picked up another sewing machine.  A sweet lady around the corner from us was selling 3 of her 4 sewing machines as she and her hubby are downsizing their home.

Lucky day for me!  I got a great find, a Singer 6233, for only 30 bucks!  Woo-hoo!

My new Singer 6233



Now I just have to remember how to use a sewing machine, thankfully I got all of the attachments and the manual to go along with it.  I’ll be playing this weekend and digging through all of the project ideas I’ve been saving along the way, just waiting for my sewing machine.


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