Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Happy Freakin’ Friday to you!!

I usually try to get all of my work done early on Fridays…so that I can just mess around Friday afternoons.  Sometimes I get it all done, sometimes not.  And still other times, I forget to get any work done and just start messing around first thing on Friday morning hahahaha.

Maybe as time rolls along the Happy Freakin’ Friday will become a regular shindig, who knows.  I’m allowing myself the room and patience to see where this whole thing takes me.


Today’s Friday indulgence is poking around the interwebs, looking at what’s new on the blogs I like to frequent, pondering the workshops and classes and group happenings that I’ve been considering joining.

Do you like to take online classes?  Live, in-person classes?  Do you join art groups?  When you join, do you actively participate?

Here’s some of my wish list for 2012, in no particular order:

So that’s a good start.  I’ll let you know what else I’m pondering as I wander along.  Encaustic is something I really really really feel a need to get my hands into, so that will probably be my next big push…but I need to take some time to collect the things that I’ll need along the way.  It’s not just the wax it’s all of the little things I need to actually do the medium.  So I’ve got a list of stuff that I watch for on the craigslist…my favorite place to shop!  Followed only closely by ebay of course, but the craigslist is way more instant gratification…

What are classes or workshops are you hoping to take this year?



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