Valentine Love

Well, I am definitely a girl.  I love sparklies, glitter, flowers, hearts, VALENTINE’S DAY!!!

Neocolors, acrylic paint, embossing powder, ink, old book paper

In our family, we celebrate how much we love each other every single day.  No one day is better than another for a celebration…but still we love Valentine’s Day.  We call it I Love You Day here in our home.  Comes from an old Winnie the Pooh series, Tigger and Pooh.  They have I Love You Day and Roo spends the episode working on a Happy I Love You Day lovie for his mama, Kanga.

My little ones took it to heart, so to speak.

So every year we make decorations and plan for a party and have a lovely dinner.  We make the table beautiful and eat yummy stuff and have something wonderful for dessert.  I make cards for my peeps and it’s super sweet and special.

Neocolors, acrylic paint, embossing powder, inks

Do you make your own Valentine cards?

I have been working on some cards this year already; I actually started early, which is a milestone in itself.  I love checking out the interwebs on ideas for Valentines and decorations and yummy recipes.  And I gotta add glitter to as much as I can 🙂

Still working on ideas for the menu, and still working on cute lovies to stick in lunch bags for the school lunches…but that’s the most fun, planning it all out!  I’d love to see what you do to decorate or celebrate Happy I Love You Day!!

Neocolors, acrylic paint, embossing powder, ink


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