Joyous Delight

May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun
And find your shoulder to light on,
To bring you luck, happiness and riches
Today, tomorrow and beyond.
~Irish Blessing

Here’s a new completed work, Joyous Delight.

11" x 14" wrapped canvas, mixed media, acrylics, wax crayons, ink, paper

This one took me a while to complete as I usually shy away from anything that resembles something from reality.  In other words, I am super shy about drawing.  I am one of the many people that thinks they can’t draw.

Joyous Delight, closeup of flower and butterfly

Joyous Delight, Closeup of flower

I wanted a butterfly on this canvas, but I didn’t know how to draw a butterfly, not even a cartoon butterfly.  Seems weird, I know, most girls learn to draw butterflies somewhere around elementary school.  I have made butterflies out of little hearts.  I have made butterflies out of scraps of papers that sort of go together and look a little bit like butterflies.  And I have used printed butterflies to paste onto canvases and then painted on top of that.  But I haven’t drawn one from scratch.

So the canvas sat in my pile of things needing finishing touches.  It sat for months, waiting for me to get brave and figure it out.

On Sunday afternoon, I found myself with some quiet time, which is really really rare in this household.  My hubby and littlest camper were napping in my room.  The two middle kidlets were out back playing with the neighbor kids.  The oldest was locked in his room playing xbox.

I used my time to listen to Pandora radio and browse the interwebs looking at pictures and tutorials of how to draw a simple butterfly.  My sketchbook has pages filled with butterflies now.  And now I’m excited to keep drawing them and learning how to draw different wing shapes and patterns.

After a lovely practice session, I got brave enough to paint one on to my canvas.  Took me a bit to there as I was paranoid that I was going to ruin the whole thing with my primitive drawing attempts.

But here she is in her full glory! 

Joyous Delight, closeup of butterfly


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