Valentine’s Day Month-Long Celebration

So, as I told you before, I really do love I Love You Day!  In celebration of one of my favorite holidays, I’ll be posting all about love and romance and hearts and glitter throughout the month.  Having a blog is such fun right??

I tend to express my love in a much-traditional girly style.  My better half tends to express his love through the art of cooking.  Yep, I am the luckiest gal in the whole entire world!  Not only does my hubby do all of the cooking (the whole gang is spoiled now and will hardly eat my cooking heehee), but he is a trained chef.  While he doesn’t work as a chef by trade, he went to school during summers off from his regular college classes.  I know, sounds like a tough way to have to live, but I get through it somehow.

So I’ll try to throw in pics of some of the lovely stuff we get to munch on during any time of celebration. And I’ll tell you in a later post how we celebrate quite often with themed dinner parties, it’s the most fun!

Since I started yapping about my hubby, let’s start with a journal page all about my true love.  He gets a bit shy about this kind of stuff, but I think that even though he’s all guy-ish about it, he really does love that my journal has lots of pages about him!

The inspiration behind the page:

What’s something I love about my husband?

Water soluble crayons, acrylic paint, rice paper, ink, medium matte gel, magazine clipping, junk mail insert, button, hemp string

Understand I love lots and lots of things about my husband.  This page, though, is centered around one of his most manly characteristics: He loves to slay my dragons.  He is the protector of this family, and of me, and he takes that role and responsibility very seriously.

If I need him to take the dog out for a walk out at night because the moon is hiding and it’s too dark, he takes the dog out for the walk.  Not because I can’t, but because he knows I get skiddish out in the super-dark.

If I have a phone call that I really don’t want to make, maybe it has me worrying about a confrontation or some such thing, he takes over and makes the call for me (that can be in the business or personal life).

It’s those sorts of things.  Some of them are way bigger, some are way smaller…what

Closeup of insert, opened with autographed pic of my hubby

matters is that my hubby will do anything in his power to make my life easier, to keep me from stressing myself sick, to make sure that I feel protected and like I have my knight in shining armor.  He has a deep understanding of how girls feel, how so often we grow up hoping for and dreaming about our champion.  And he lives up to that dream.

What’s something you love about your spouse or significant other?

Try building a journal page all about that characteristic.  Let yourself get all mushy or goofy or whatever.  But really feel it while you get your page going.  Your better half will love you more for it!

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Month-Long Celebration

  1. Dana – OMG!! My husband cooks, too. Every day. Although he’s not a “trained” cook, he is one that cooks from his heart. Cooking relaxes him and it’s how he shows his love. I like that you had your hubby sign his photo. What a great idea. I’m going to have mine do that the next time I journal about him.

    Happy Heart Month!!


    • Haha Lorrie, he feels like a rock star I think lol.
      So you’re one of the lucky ones like me, a hubby that cooks! I promised when I found out that he cooks that I would keep the kitchen cleaned and stocked for him…I so got the awesome part of the deal!

      Happy Heart Month to you too!
      xoxo Dana

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