Little Valentine Love

Day 3 of the fabulous February I Love You Day celebration!  My, how fast the month is moving…

So I’m not sure if I’ll do anything further on this page, I tend to make lots of backgrounds in my art journals and then come back later and add more stuff.

This was actually quite the little learning experience for me.  Glitter does not stay on the glue after it’s all dry unless you use some kind of top coat, it seems.  I have hot pink glitter all around my kitchen counter, all through my art journal, in my hair…and it seems to be stuck here and there on the hubby and the children.  I’ve been finding it for days now.

Guess I’ll look into glitter glue for such things?

What I love most about this page is the texture on top of the neocolors.  I used neocolors to start the background.  I scribbled the colors on, then I used a stiff (well, and kind of crappy) paintbrush with water to move the colors around and blend a bit.  After it dried, I used one of my favorite acrylic craft paints, Ceramcoat in Pearl Finish, mixed with just a little bit of bubble-gum colored craft paint, to scrape over the top of the neocolors.  I love how it came out a bit leather-like, but in a nice pearly-pink finish.  It’s shiny, glimmery, really nice.  And it’s easier than the neocolor finish to do more stuff.

I do a lot of gesso scraping on top of other colors, it was fun to use something thinner and with a bit of color this time.

How do you use credit card scraping?  

Neocolors, acrylic paint with credit card scraping, and GLITTER!


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