You Are My Sunshine Art Journal Prompt

What’s one of your favorite, or most meaningful, songs?

We all have favorite songs for all kinds of occasions.  Favorite songs to sing cuz we sound good singing it (I really sing terribly, but I do think I sound great singing President of the United States songs)…faves cuz we love the lyrics…faves cuz they’re fun to sing in the car…faves to sing to our pets…faves to sing to our babies…and faves to sing to our loved ones.

You Are My Sunshine is one of my favorites, I started singing it to my first baby and it kind of held on.  It helps that it’s one of the few songs to which I actually know all of the words!

But it’s a sweet little song, it’s romantic and simple.

Romance in our household is of course between me and the hubby, but it’s also a part of our whole family life.  I know it might sound kind of odd that I consider the children in our great love story, and in our romance, but I do.  We love to do family romantic things.  Our vacations have always been romantic, our dinner parties are romantic, our summer evenings hanging out in the backyard are romantic.

Maybe that’s part of how we keep the love and magic going in our gang.

So this journal page is all about that sweet romance.  I see lots of art journal prompts out there, and so many say “Build a page around a song” and I really have a tough time imagining what that might look like.  How does a song manifest itself onto a journal page?

Here’s an example for you:

Neocolor crayons, acrylic paint, pictures, papers, lace, ink, gel mediums

I didn’t start with the song, actually.  I started with a box of old black-and-white snapshots that I won off of ebay.  The whole box of photos told a wonderful story of a group of the same people all the way through.  The photos are dated somewhere around the 1920’s-1940’s.  Looking through the stack, you’ll find couples posing and obviously in love.  You’ll find soldiers posing with their girls.  You’ll find pics of them standing by their cars and out in fields, and groups of them playing on the beach somewhere.

Closeup of one of the photos

The whole lot of them just reeks of love (and musty oldness).  I actually spent quite some time carefully cutting out the couple in this photo.  The snapshots are about 3″ x 3″, so you can imagine the couple is kind of small!  And the snapshots themselves are kind of curled, they were kept in a big roll, like you’d see a big roll of dollars wrapped in a rubber band.

Side note: While a lot of people only use copies of the originals, I feel a serious connection to the energy in old items, and that’s part of what I connect to in my art.  So I used the actual snapshot.

Closeup of Couple and Car

The other main snapshot that I used is of a couple standing by their car.  My hubby actually used this one before I got a hold of it.  He did a really cool pencil drawing of the car from the photo.  Then I spent time snipping out the couple and the car for my journal.

After I picked out the couples I was using (the one at the top is from a pack of ephemera for scrapbooking, it’s just in a box of scraps and stuff I have left over somewhere), I decided to put in the song.

Warmer colors are not so typical for me, so going with oranges and yellows was a bit like an effort.  I used Neocolors on the background, in a bit of a sunshine ray sort of pattern, then smeared and blended them around with water and old paintbrush.

I added some acrylic paint using some punchinella in the shape of stars for some added texture.  I added some flicked orange paint around and added a bit of stamping with a stamp that says “Because I Love You” although it’s hard to see in the photos.  I added the lace, not sure I like it, but it seriously stuck on, lol.

Definitions from old dictionary, song lyrics

I used super heavy matte gel to stick the photos on, I had to go with super heavy since the photos were still trying to curl up a bit.  After that I added some dictionary pieces and hand-wrote the lyrics around the definitions, and Voila!

A journal page inspired by some old photos and a song.


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