Quote Book Journal Page for Valentine’s Celebration

“Time we spend, flopped out here, wishes come true.”


While I was working towards a post every day during February for Valentine’s Day, I fell off the bandwagon yesterday, Sunday.  I imagine no one was blogging around during the Super Bowl anyway, right?

Today’s look is at another page out of my moleskin quote book.  This quote is out of my own writings, rather than someone else’s writings.

Neocolors, acrylic paints, white paint pen

I guess it’s more like prose, not so much your typical rhyme-and-beat-kind-of-poetry.  The lines are actually out of other writings, pulled together to make a whole new writing.  If you have not heard of 21 Secrets, the writing idea is out of the workshop 3 Little Words from last year’s workshops.  That workshop was with Aimee at Artsyville (what a great blog by the way, be sure you stop by and check it out!).


Here’s some closeups of the page:

You can check out Artsyville for some great tips on these kinds of writing ideas.  I play with the 3 Little Words idea a lot, it sort of helps me get out of spots when I don’t have my thoughts in word-format…which is not too often, as I usually have tons and tons to say, just ask Chris and the kidlets lol.  The exercise helps kick-start things and gives inspiration and makes cool stuff out of seemingly worn-out older writings.

What 3-line strings of 3 little words will you find?


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