Love Letter Art Journal Prompt

Not many people write love letters anymore.  The art of the love letter has gone out with the new dawn of texts.  We tend to abbreviate all kinds of words, and those abbreviations have ended up in our emails, blog posts, and even conversations.

When my hubby and I courted, we wrote countless love letters to each other.  Although many of them were sent via email, they still had the shape and form of the letters that we mailed.  Chris gets a little flustered thinking that I might say out loud that he sent me love letters, but he did!  And he was really really good at it!

I’ve kept all of those letters and notes and emails.  I do still read through them and I do still feel all goofy and school-girl-like when I read them again and again.  The little hearts popping around all around my head like a cartoon are still there, still dancing around, noticeably.

Today’s Valentine post is a tribute to those love letters.

Acrylic paint, ink, handmade stamps, papers, rub-ons, brads

I started with acrylic paints in a light pink and a hot pink and a little bit of gold (which doesn’t show up much in the pics).  I just glopped drops of the colors on the page and then smeared them around with my paintbrush.

Next I added some texture using black Tsukineko Memento fade-resistant dye ink.  I used some of my own handmade stamps and a couple of rubber stamps (the “Because I Love You” and the “Adorable You” stamps).  After all of that dried and set, I doodled on top of some of the stamped images and on the edges.  My favorite doodling pen is my Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pen.

Closeup of Texture background

* Really, that’s my fave pen for just about everything.  The only trouble I ever have with it is when I doodle on mod podge or shiny surfaces, it likes to smear.  I just do the doodle layer and then spray clear polyurethane over it and then go to the next layer.

After the background was really full of texture and grunge, I added the hearts.  I used little bits of scraps from my paper box to glue down onto a backer piece of paper.

Closeup of scrap heart

When it dried, I cut the heart shape out and then used Mod Podge to stick it onto the journal page.  (Personally I use mostly the matte finish).  I added some doodling and rubons and ink to help that work into the background.

The next order of business was thinking about how I was going to incorporate my most favorite love note from Christopher.  As much as I love sharing my journal pages with all of my peeps, my love notes are not fodder for the interwebs.

So I dug around in the bins of little doodads in my art cabinet.  I found a pack of tiny button brads, and just happened to have a few left in black.  I made another heart for the opposite page, using the same scraps of patterned pager.  Once I got the heart cut out, I used more Tsukineko ink on the backside of the heart so it wouldn’t be blaring white.  Looking at the picture you can see what happened next: I decided I like the look of the inked side better than the scrap paper side!  Don’t you love it when you find something cool that you weren’t even looking for??

Love Letter secret heart

Somehow the page seemed to have a bit more dimension with this heart looking not just like the other one.  If you grab the sides of the heart, they can turn to the side via the brads.  I copied the love note from my hubby (it’s in fact the very first serious love note from him) underneath the sides of the hearts directly on the page.

Now I have my little secret lovey stashed away inside my journal.

It’s your turn: Do you send love letters?  Do you ever get any love letters?  If you haven’t sent a love letter in a while, do make it a point to do so during our Valentine celebration.  You might find that it’s fun!  And you might find that you really share some joy and love with your loved one.

Then try building a page using a “secret” hideaway, like a pocket, or a paper that you can turn to the side or open up to keep your love note tucked away.  


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