Background color idea

You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.

~ Jack London

You’ve probably heard this before, or something like it.  I know that I’ve heard it before.  I’m just usually way too much of a control freak to have tried it before now.


Acrylic paints

Prompt: Grab three colors of paint, without looking, and use them to make a background for your art journal.  No peeking!!  Show us a pic in the comments of what you come up with.

I mentioned that I’ve been finishing up an altered board book that I started a year ago.  Part of the process for me is getting past the boredom that took hold of me halfway through the little project (if I had done the whole thing in a short period of time, I’m sure it wouldn’t have grabbed me, the boredom I mean).

The other factor here is that I have two sliding shelves in a cabinet in the top of the kitchen.  I can’t reach it very well standing on the floor, so I don’t use it for much cooking stuff or kitchen stuff.  Instead, I use it for craft paints.  I have to use a small stool to get up there and look around at the colors to see what I’m doing.

Last night, I couldn’t find my stool (sometimes it walks off with the little people in the house), so I just reached up there, over my head, and grabbed three bottles of paint and used them.

They are maybe not three colors I would have put together just like this had I been able to see them first.  And then I decided if I was going to leave my control freak totally out of it, I might as well go all the way.  I dribbled some of each of the three colors onto the page and just squished the page closed, a la ink blot.

I did have to add a bit of texture and used a paper towel to blot up some of the paint and put a texture imprinted into it, but otherwise, it’s au natural.

Acrylic paints

I’ll show you the completed page later when I show the whole little book.  This is actually the last main page, I have left only the inside cover and the cover of the book to finish up.  This was pretty fun for me, though, with no thought or stress or argument with my inner critic.  I see why this is a suggestion to just get yourself moving again.

Have a great day, let me know if this something you do to pull yourself out of a boredom slump.  And let me know what other tricks you use, we can all use ideas to get the creative juices flowing!

5 thoughts on “Background color idea

  1. I have tried the “leaving the control freak out of it” approach a few times, and it usually turns out very good! But its not easy and I often find myself trying to perfect my journal pages. The ones I end up liking the best tho, are the ones I create without too much thought to the finished page. When I can’t decide where I want to go with a page, I flip through my saved paper bits, old pics, magazine cutouts, and odds and ends. I pick 2 or 3 I like the best, even if they don’t match the page colors and attach them randomly. Then I work around them with markers and pens or more paint, and that usually gets things going 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing! I sometimes use that approach as well, but I seem to do use my collage bits more on canvas. I think I’ll be trying more in my journal as well…especially when I need inspiration 🙂

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