Do You Need a Whack in the Head?

Do you ever get stuck?  Do you ever think you’ve hit a block in your creativity?  I think we all hit that spot once in a while.  I’m always looking for fun ways to get the creativity rolling again.

One of the things I most love about blogging and reading other people’s blogs is that we are building a community, a place where we can share ideas and inspirations.  I have found so many helpful ideas out there, and I am thrilled that I have my own forum now for giving back to the same community that has (sometimes unknowingly) helped me so many times.

If you haven’t run across Roger von Oech, definitely check out his stuff.  He has written a bunch of great books on thinking creatively and on keeping your creative juices flowing.  I have several of his books and toys, they are well worth the investment.

One of the tools he has created for us all is the Creative Whack Pack.  It’s a deck of cards that is full of strategies and exercises aimed at sparking your creative thinking.  The artwork is really cool, the games and exercises are lots of fun.  I have given this little box of creativity to many of my creative friends, and I use it myself regularly.  I use it for sparks in my business and in my art and in my brainstorming sessions with my friendly think tank.  It has so many applications*!

*Which is pretty much why I have graduated to the iPhone app, as I do most of my serious thinking while playing on my iPhone lol.  This way I always have the Whack Pack with me!  

I am not a reseller or affiliate of the Creative Whack Company.  These are just products that I love to use and love to share with other creative people.

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