Happy Freakin’ Friday! You Can Be a Creative Entrepreneur!

Are you one of those creative types who worries that using your creative gifts to build a business might hurt your creativity?  Have you fallen victim to the fallacy that entrepreneurs are somehow bad?  And that being an entrepreneur will mean that you sold out?

Without entrepreneurs, the world would stop spinning around and around.  Economies and everything else would stagnate.

And as a creative type, did you know that the whole creation of a business, however large or small, is a creative endeavor all in itself?  To build a business, you start with a concept, an idea, or a passion.  Just like in our art.  Then as you sketch out the basic idea, you begin to fill in the details, a little at a time, as you continue to see more details of the vision.  All with the hopes that someone out there will understand and appreciate the vision.  That your vision, your idea, can help someone.  If your vision can offer a solution to someone somewhere, then maybe he will pay you for your solution, through buying your product or hiring you to perform your service.

That’s the basics of it, right?  All of the other details involved in starting and building a business just go along with it.  Just like any other creative endeavor, once you’re committed, you’re going to see it through.  We all run into times when we’re plugging along and we start thinking that we really don’t like what’s happening.  What do you do when that happens?  You keep going, you keep adding more stuff, you keep pushing the paint around or adding layers or changing colors or whatever.  You just keep moving.  Don’t get stagnant, don’t give up.  The same goes with building a business.

Let the creation of your business be as inspiring and exciting as the creation of any other artwork.  Allow it to feed your soul and mind.  Allow it to go through the birthing process and be another outlet and expression for your heart.  You can be a successful entrepreneur, even if you never really thought of yourself that way.  All you have to do is rearrange your thinking and keep the faith.


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