Follow Your Bliss Artwork

Earlier I shared with you a post of one of my journal pages, Wake Up Your Mojo.  You can read all about it here.

Edge of canvas

I also have a canvas that I keep hanging near my arting area with the same basic technique.  It does have quite a bit more 3D texture to it as it’s not smashed up in my art journal.

The quote, Follow your bliss, is Joseph Campbell.  I keep this quote around me to help me remember that if I’m following that which makes me supremely energized and happy and at peace, then I must be somewhere on the right path.  I believe that I do get signs of the right path and signs of the wrong path.  I know the right path when my energy flows with positive energy and happiness and light.  I know the wrong path when my energy is blocked, or when everything seems to have impassible difficulties.

I know that all might be a bit hokey for some of y’all…but it is what is.  And that is what’s behind this canvas.

Mixed Media Canvas, 12" x 12" wrapped canvas, modeling paste, acrylic paint, smoochie inks, sumi ink, glitter paint

8 thoughts on “Follow Your Bliss Artwork

  1. Hello St John Studios, I run the Joseph Campbell Foundation’s Mythological RoundTable Group in London (UK!) and have featured your beautiful canvas in my latest Campbell-related blog post, with a link back to you. I hope this is ok. Yours is simply the best visual rendering of Campbell’s quote that I have seen online. Warmly, Esther.

    • Hello Esther,
      Thank you for the lovely comment and kind words! No, I don’t mind your connection with my image, it’s really cool! I do appreciate the heads up and the reference on your post.
      Love to you,

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