Searching for Inspiration and an Art Journal Prompt

Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do.  Where there’s love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.

~ Ella Fitzgerald

Finding inspiration.  Whew, that’s sometimes way tougher than just writing some words and posting it on a blog.  In fact, sometimes it’s the blog itself that tries to block the ole inspiration machine…my inner critic gets in the way in my business life, in my art life, in my blog life.  It’s as if the story-board writers of my life like to mess with me.  They seem to have a sense of humor about things, laughing when I run around in circles chasing my tail.

Although my business life can be a bit on the technical side, I still have to be use my creative brain to write articles and teach business owners and create solutions.  So even there I have to find ways to otherwise entertain the inner critic so that I can get a head start.

The art blog seems to help me with keeping on track, on staying focused, on being a bit disciplined and consistent with my focus on creative self.  If I feel accountable to those of you that I am trying to connect with, even on days when I don’t feel like writing or creating, I will sit down and get focused.  Accountability, quite the motivator.

Do you ever fight with your blog that way?

I think that over time, as my little corner of the world here has more meat to it, and more content to it, that it will show me some organization and categories to work with.  Is that how you work with your blog?  Or is it just a space for you to put down your thoughts, with no focus on what people on the reading end are wanting?

My hope is that over time, this is a chronology of my art journey, that it becomes a place where other people and artists visit to talk about technique and art and inspiration and thoughts and ideas.  A bit idealogical?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  We’ll see.

Last night, I was having exactly that kind of evening.  I was wanting to put pen to paper, so to speak.  I was wanting, no needing, to create something.  Anything.  Many of my current projects are at stopping points, either finished up or waiting for some crucial piece to be finished up.  I didn’t have any ideas rattling around my head.  Or the ideas that are rattling around are too big to get started on when I just need a quick fix…and I knew that today I needed to be focused on a number of money-making activities and wouldn’t be able to take the time to stop and play for most of the day.  So I really really needed to get some of that time last night.

So I just grabbed a couple of magazines and started thumbing through them.  I cut out little snippets, words and pics of any ole thing.  I just started playing.  Eventually I found this pic of the girl and the umbrella in a full page advertisement.  That led to the whole page you see here, and because the whole time I was pondering where to find some inspiration, that became the theme for the page.

It definitely helped last night.  I’m not so sure how much it helped me with staying focused today on business, but at least it was fun!

Prompt: Find a picture out of a magazine, it can be anything that catches your eye. Use the colors in the pic to smear paint onto a background.  Use credit card scraping or your fingers or smush it like an ink blot.  Just get the colors onto the page.  Let go of the inner critic by working faster than he or she can talk to you.  Forget for a time that you’re trying to make some art.  Just play with the colors and glue on the picture from the magazine.  Let it free you of the critical voice that likes to fight with you.

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