Okay, so I’m not totally sure how the whole “reblogging” thing works out, but this is a really great post here from thoughts on theatre. I ponder my path and how to stay on it all of the time, so this really spoke to me. I hope you enjoy it as well, along with this cool blog!

Thoughts on Theatre

There’s safety in numbers, they say. But you know what you won’t find in numbers? Yourself, the unique you that is all your own. Forging your own path is a tough journey, but it is also something you owe to yourself. Only you know the life that will make you happiest.

Here are a few “life truths” that can help you as you seek out that path:

You will never feel freer than the moment you stop caring what others think about you. We often get so caught up in the idea that everyone cares about what we do with our lives that we forget to live them. In reality? People do not think about all the nitty gritty details of your life like you do – unless you’ve become successful and happy. Then they’ll want the secrets.

Creativity is hard workSometimes inspiration smacks you upside the head out…

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