Is Motivational Art a Style?

In art the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can inspire.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

As I take pictures of my art journaling, and other artworks, I really see how much of my art is aimed at motivational and positive messages.  Up till now, I haven’t really thought I had much of a style.  I seem to try anything.  I’ll just use what I have handy, or I’ll try anything new just cuz I saw it on the interwebs or got some new medium on sale somewhere.

But as a body of work, it doesn’t all seem to go together in some kind of cohesive style.  I wouldn’t think you’d look at a wall of my art and say “Oh, that all must be done by MotherDana”.  Nope, it doesn’t seem that way.

Maybe it’s beginning to seem that way.  Although it all looks different, it has different sizes, materials, color schemes, and so forth, it all seems to have similar themes.  While I do sometimes art something that is a bit darker, or from a more negative-seeming place, most of my art, even my art journal, is all about positively motivational and inspirational messages.  Messages to myself, but messages that we can all benefit from having around us.

Is that an artistic style in itself, do you think?

Today I am sharing with you another of my motivational art journal pages.

Neocolors, acrylic paints, Faber-Castell sepia pens

Closeup of texture

I took a closeup for you, the texture came out way better than I was originally expecting.  After using neocolors for the first layer of the background, I used some metallic craft acrylic paint and stamp marketed for soap making.  The texture it made is not only in look but also in feel.  You can feel the texture.  I also didn’t lose the texture underneath the butterfly wings, which turned out really cool.

Prompt: Do you make motivational art for yourself?  You can start with something that you say to yourself, or think that you need to be saying to yourself.  It can be a quote, or something short and sweet, like in the page above.  Choose something, though, that will do you some good to see it and say it and hear it over and over.  Then choose colors that you like, so that you want to look at it again and again.  Add in something of visual interest, you can draw or paint or glue on an image.  Again, choose something that compels you to look at the finished page.  Share with me what you come up with, I would really love to see.  You can comment with your positive message, or you can post pics of what you create.


9 thoughts on “Is Motivational Art a Style?

  1. It’s always amazing to me how people, (especially artists) find one another in blog world. It’s wonderful to be able to enjoy one anothers thoughts and artwork. I do enjoy yours! Thanks for visiting mine.

  2. Dana – what a great “stop and think” prompt. Of course Motivational Art is a style… it’s YOURS!!! I think some styles are “No Style” in that the artiste just does what resonates and feels right for them at the time and like you, over time they may see a thread of continuity emerge. Even if we don’t see a theme or style it really doesn’t matter, does it? Creating and adding to our body of work helps us to express ourselves and move forward and upward. Isn’t that what arting is all about? You go, Girl!!


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