How to Use Ephemera Step 2

Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.

~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

This is a short post, really it’s just to show you the second step of my piece that uses ephemera in the background.

Adding color.

For those of you just starting to look at how to use ephemera in your art work, notice here that although I am adding color, I am using thin washes of color so that the text and pictures in the papers still show through.  While not all of it will show up in the final piece the way you see it now, it will show through enough to give the overall piece the look of texture.  Some of it will show through enough to almost read what it says.

I do know where this piece is headed (unlike a lot of my art).  As I told you yesterday it’s the third piece in a set I’ve been creating.  At the end I’ll show you all three pieces, but for now, know that this piece will have shades of purple in the finished piece.  I am using yellow as the complimentary color…and it’s the complimentary color in the background of the first two pieces as well.

My 7-year old daughter chose purples for this one.  She thinks it’s going to work well with the other two (the first is in shades of a dark red, the second is in shades of blue).  I do try and use suggestions from the kidlets as they are always around seeing the arting happen. They do a lot of art with me, and they love it when I incorporate their ideas and thoughts into my own art.

A peek at the added color:

Acrylic paint adding color to the background

Coming up next: Adding layer of texture.


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