Help, I’ve Lost My Hubby!

My husband and I do much arting together.  We have projects that we create together (our four kids being a great example!).  We act as art director on many of each other’s projects.  We spend time with one another while one of us is obsessed with some project.

But I have now seemingly lost my hubby to his latest obsession, uhm I mean art project, building Rat Rods.  You can call them motorized bikes, or some call them steampunk bikes (he loves steampunk art and has now found his expression of that love).  Whatever you call them, you’ll find Christopher out tinkering on them.  Or looking at parts and videos on the interwebs.  Or talking to other motor heads about ways of re-engineering parts and old engines.

I, however, will not find him in the house or in the studio.  I probably will not find him at all…if he’s not in the garage working on the engine or its parts, he will be out riding around somewhere, testing out his latest adaptation, or standing around somewhere talking with someone that’s stopped him to ask him about his bike.

These Rat Rods are actually really cool.  We’re having lots of fun learning about them, and Chris promised me that next he’s going to build me one!




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