Thank-You For’s, Art Journal Page and Prompt

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  Have you used on to say “Thank you?”

~ William A Ward

Years ago, when the oldest was a wee one, he liked to do a nightly prayer.  We would gather around the bed and he would go through obligatory “Bless my Mom, Bless my Dad” kind of prayers.  After a while, it turned into a chore, with the same thing being recited night after night and no thought or heart going into it.

Child number two was ready to join in about that time, so we changed it up a bit.  We started Thank-You For’s.

Neocolors, Acrylic paint, Martha Stewart Faux Glaze, home made stamps, Sakura Pigma Sensei 1.0 mm pen

The idea was that no matter how great or how tough the day was, we could come up with one thing to be grateful for at the end of the day.  We put no rules on it.  Just that we’d each come up with something to be thankful for, and we would each take a turn thanking God for it.  And each night, someone different would go first.

When kids number 3 and 4 came along, they would snuggle up with us on the bed and hear the whole thing.  Then when they were able to start expressing their own gratitude, they joined us.

We have had everything from Thank You For cartoons, cars and trucks, cookies, Mom and Dad, their siblings, clouds, and Santa Clause (the dogs get mentioned fairly often, too).  The thing that is constant is that we end each day on a positive, we make sure each day is ended with rejoice and gratitude.  The children are learning how to be gracious, no matter the current circumstance.  They are learning about prayer in community and being close to God as a family.

And we all go to sleep each night enveloped in the warmth and glow of family and love and gratitude.

Prompt: Work up a journal page, or even something larger, all dedicated to how you like to express gratitude, whether to God, or the Universe, or however you see things.  Showing gratitude regularly will help you keep your vision focused…and, think of it this way, don’t you prefer to continue helping those that show sincere gratitude?  

A bit of technique and medium love notes for you:

One fun technique I used on this page that you might like to try…I used Martha Stewart Faux Glaze (which I got from a paint store listed on craigslist that was closing, we got a whole bunch of stuff for FREEEEEE) and colored it with acrylic paint.  Both the bright green and the pink swirls on this page are colored glaze.  On a side note, the Martha Stewart glaze is only around 20 bucks for a gallon, sale price.  I think it’s around 30 not on sale.

For the green, I brushed some onto the page, and then stamped into it with a texture stamp.


The pink, I brushed it onto the stamp and then stamped onto the page.  After it dried, I used the heart stamp with acrylic paint stamped in the center of the uzumaki.  You get a different look from the direct stamping of the glaze compared to the relief stamping into the glaze.

3 thoughts on “Thank-You For’s, Art Journal Page and Prompt

  1. i really liked d way u insist your kids , for prayers , i mean to incorporate such a good habit at a young age really has its own benefits , & the faith that amplified , was the master stroke ,
    seriously good habit u taught your kids

    • Thank you! They won’t eat till they say the blessing over the meal either…I’ll try to hurry and get lunch out, and they’ll just sit and look at me like I’m crazy cuz I forgot to get the blessing going 🙂
      Thanks for visiting!
      xoxo MotherDana

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