Oh Joyous Day! An Art Journal Page and Prompt

Things won are done, joy’s soul lies in the doing.

~ William Shakespeare


I totally got lost on my way to the computer today…I ordered a couple of art supplies and they got here today, woo-hoo!  So I forgot about everything else I was supposed to be doing or had on my lists of stuffs to do…

You may find this a bit whacky, cuz I use gesso probably more than just about any other supply, except for maybe Mod Podge.  Well, and maybe my many shades of blue paint.  Or maybe my iPhone camera…Okay, so gesso is one of my hottest commodities.  And I actually ran out.  I mean, used-the-last-drop-ran-out.  Duh.  I have used a number of other things trying to substitute, but nothing else is quite as perfect as the gesso.

So I decided this time around to order a huge, and I mean huge, container of the stuff.  I’m not even sure if it will last and still be good by the time I get to the bottom of the container??  Does it go bad?

When it finally got here, I just wanted to sit and stare lovingly at the thing.  It’s monstrous.  Some of you might have gotten this smart well before I did, but I haven’t ever had a giant jug o’ gesso.  It’s truly an amazing sight to behold.  Sigh.

In my fog of amazement, I of course had to start gesso-ing stuff.  I did get back to a journal page I’ve been painting, preparing for another canvas to come.  I finished up, and felt all warm and fuzzy at the finish, and then realized I had painted the whole thing with my journal upside-down.  Really!

I suppose I could feel all out of joint about this, but in a weird way, it kind of makes me feel really good, because I have so few rules in my art journals that I don’t even notice if I do the whole thing upside down.

I do really like where it’s headed, though, so be forewarned, I will have a canvas to share in the future along these lines.

Acrylic paints, ephemera papers, Neocolors, Sumi ink, Pilot Varsity fountain pen.

Prompt: What art supply brings you the most joy?

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