Little Book of Quotes Art Journal

You’re never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true.

~ Richard Bach, Illusions

I promised you a while back that I’d share some more about my small book of quotes.  My quote book is a little 5″ x 7″ landscape Moleskine journal with watercolor paper.

I picked up the little book a long while back, and then decided that it’s really too small for a lot of my work.  It sat around in my art cabinet waiting for me to love on it.  Along the way, I started using the pages for extra paint (I hate wasting paint when I work on something and end up not using all of the paint I’ve mixed up).  I would just open up the Moleskine and slap the paint down on one of the pages.

Eventually I add more paint to the pages.  Sometimes I use bubble wrap for texture, sometimes I water down the paint for a translucent effect, I sort of follow along as if I’m making loose background art papers for collage.

I didn’t start out thinking that I’d use the book for quotes, that evolved after I had a few background awaiting a foreground.  I do have a habit of collecting quotes (in case you haven’t noticed), I’ve got them on little scraps of paper in books, on my computer, in my art drawers.  I have an app on my iPhone to record quotes that I run across and love.  I underline fave quotes in books that I read.  I love them!

Once I put the first quote in the book, the whole theme just took over.  I don’t think I even knew it was becoming a theme until I had several quotes in the book.  Now, though, when I flip through the pages, I feel a tremendous joy seeing so many of the quotes I love and find right there in the book with awesome artsy backgrounds.

It also is a great place to play with background techniques, as the whole thing is an afterthought of paint and color.  Using leftover paint just keeps me from over-thinking the whole thing.  I’m not choosing the colors or styles for the book, I just throw it in there.  I try to figure out what the page is about after the fact.  It’s pretty liberating.

This particular page is one of the super-cool pages.  I had a little bit of periwinkle paint left from something else, and eventually I added some of the darker blue in Neocolor to add some depth.  I used some left-over pearl paint to scrape around on top of the blues.

I cut out a piece of foam to make a stamp of the word “Dream” and forgot to flip it over and cut it out backwards, so I couldn’t use it as a stamp (which I think I told you about previously, the whole thing was kind of funny, after I got over feeling dumb).  So I decided to just use the word as a mask, and used it here with walnut ink…and of course, going through my whole love-hate thing with the walnut ink.

It actually took three days to fully dry so that I could write the quote on top of that, lol.  The end result, though, is awesome for a background!  I love how it looks a bit like denim mixed with plaster, I hadn’t really counted on that.

Prompt: Do you have any themed journals or sketchbooks?  Or do you prefer to work on loose substrates?

15 thoughts on “Little Book of Quotes Art Journal

  1. I think a little quote journal is a great idea! Most of my journals aren’t themed at all, just which ever one I feel like working in or has the kind of paper I want to use, thats the one I use no matter what I’m doing. But I bought 3 little moleskin cashier notebook, and I’ve been doodling in one of them, around the edges. That one I will eventually write my fave quotes in when I get done doodling 🙂

  2. I also love quotes!
    I’m just getting started (a little over a year now) in the mixed media thing, having taught middle school choir for almost 30 years!), so I feel I’m pretty green in most things. It’s been a wonderful adventure!
    Back to quotes, though…….this is a neat idea! And I shall be doing one of these for myself. Right now, I currently have a Quotes Wall in my entry way. I’m living in my childhood home and there is something crazy subversive about writing on the walls! LOL! But I LOVE it! And it has certainly been a conversation piece to see (and discuss) those quotes as folks come and go!

    I’m glad I found You!

    • Hi Janey,
      I am so glad you found me as well!
      You are delightful, I am really excited about you journey into mixed media! I can’t carry a tune in a bucket (my own kiddos ask me to stop singing so loud) so I am in awe of you song birds.
      And what a cool wall in your home! Have you taken pics of it?
      Thank you for your sweet thoughts, I look forward to seeing where you take this path.
      xoxo MotherDana

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