Color-Scheme Inspiration

As artists, we’re all on the lookout for inspiration.  We’re looking to nature, to blogs, to music, to children, to the sky, to the ocean…the list is endless.  We all have favorite sources of inspiration…and we all have surprise inspiration popping up at the most random moments.

For me, inspiration is usually cerebral and not so much really physical (does that even make sense?).

I don’t always notice when something out in my physical world is trying to smack me upside the head, saying Notice me!!

Well, it happened the other day.  I was sorting clothes out of the kidlets’ dressers, doing the seasonal shift where I get out the clothes they’ve each outgrown and getting ready for the next season.  I shuffle through the dressers, and then see if anyone else down the row can wear the outgrown stuff, and then off to the garage to get the next sizes out of last year’s out-growns…and so on.  If you have more than one kiddo, you know what I’m talking about…

I found this tag in the bottom of a drawer.  While I do always love blue, the oranges and yellows are a bit of a stretch for me.  But I loved the tag, and I’ve had it sitting here on my computer keyboard so I could keep looking at it.

I was originally thinking I’d use the tag for something, like to use it as a tag in one of my art journals…and I may still do that.  For now, I decided to play with the colors and get to mixin’ paint…the colors were actually easier to mix up than I thought they would be, especially cuz I don’t have a huge selection in the whole yellow/orange realm.  I will definitely be able to take this scheme to a larger canvas as well.

Acrylic paint, punchinella, hand-made stamps, carnelian chips

It’s also the first page in an altered book I’m starting (I’m working on a post for another day on some good tips for working your own altered book).  I just wanted to get the first page going so I’d stop fretting about messing up the first page.  Now the little book isn’t empty, waiting for the beginning.

I love it that inspiration really can come from anywhere.  Color schemes, subject matter, shapes, they’re all around us.

Even hiding in the bottom of a dresser drawer.



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