My How Time Flies, an Art Journal Page and Prompt

What you seek is seeking you.

~ Rumi

Hello my Peeps!  Yesterday was the first time I fell off of the wagon, I haven’t missed a posting up till now.  As it turned out, yesterday was just one of “those” days; you know, a day when everything we do seems to have some brand of strife, some fight to get up the hill.

When I have those days, they threaten to take me from my usual, Pollyanna-positive self to a dark place of thinking the whole world sucks.  That is not the sort of day where I’m feeling totally inspired.

Good thing for me, I tend to sit down and pout, and then recognize that “it ain’t nothin’ but a thang”.  That’s what a wonderful friend of mine would say to me years ago when I was having a crappy day.  It ain’t nothin’ but a thang.  Words to live by.

Savor Every Moment, Always Remember

I did finish up a journal page…so while I might not have gotten on the ole blogospehere, I did get some arting done.  I’ve been sketching out ideas on the subject of time, the way time seems to just fly by, faster and faster every day.  So many days I look around and can’t believe that it’s already time to start the Teddy Bear Parade, kissing babies and handing out swigs of water, and time to drop into bed myself shortly thereafter.  By the time my bedtime rolls around, I’m exhausted from all of the energy of a well-spent day.  I do not, however, ever feel like I got it all done.  I still have those last-minute thoughts and ideas I wish I could sketch out or little chores that I wish I could finish up before bed.  Nope, I am not a night owl, so if it’s not done before the sand man appears, too bad.  I will fall asleep by the time my head hits the pillow.

This page also is moving me along in the sketching realm.  I am really having way more fun with the sketching than I imagined!  It seems that once I let go of the fear, the pencil started doing what my mind’s eye was seeing it doing.  What a good hand, and what a good pencil!!  (The page did start out as a clock and a bird flying past.  Seems that was too far stretched to make the point, you know, Time Flies).  Seem the online workshop I told you about is really inspiring me way more than expected, what a joy!!

So here’s the prompt: How do you feel about Time?  Do you feel like it crawls by, or do you feel like it’s always flying by, barely brushing your cheek as it rushes by?  Do you even stop and think about it?  

Have a most wickedly awesome day, make the most of it, cuz you’ll not be getting this one again later!!

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