Another Cool Canvas with Caulk Texture

Every artist was first an amateur.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’ve shared with you in a couple of recent posts about my adventures with caulk as a texturing medium (if you missed the short tutorial on using caulk with punchinella for a background texture, check it out here).

I have another canvas to show you in the whole caulk-as-texture theme.

This one is still hunting for a name, so bear with me…like most of us, I do get attached at bit emotionally to my art.  So I do feel kind of bad that I have no name for this one, but nothing comes to me.  It’s been hanging in my studio pleading for a name, and still, nothing…

I am ready to share the canvas, though, as I really love the texture and the way the texture took the layers and layers of paint.  The other fun thing for me in this canvas is I moved a bit out of my comfort zone in the colors.  While the blue isn’t too far stretched, the reddish-brown color is way out of my typical color scheme.  I started this canvas with two goals: 1. To make a really defined and interesting texture and 2. To create a depth of field in the texture with the use of color.

I’m not sure if you can really get the full effect of the brown parts popping out over the blue, but in person it really does look a bit 3D.

The background blue texture was lots and lots of fun to do…the caulk just works like butter, it is smooth and creamy, and with a little tiny bit of water, is really easy to keep smoothing around as you work the texture (it does hit a point of sticky at some point, so don’t move it around too much).

And if you have suggestions for names for this piece, I’d love to hear your comments!

7 thoughts on “Another Cool Canvas with Caulk Texture

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