Imagination Art Journal Prompt from my Quote Book

The world is but a canvas to the imagination.

~ Henry David Thoreau

This is one of my very favorite quotes..

What I love about this quote is that each time I read it, I pull more or different meaning from it than the last time.  It seems that recently, as I’ve been working through sketching out ideas, that more and more I see things differently.

I see the basic shapes that make up the world around me.  I see the perfect and repeating patterns everywhere now.  I see the purity in colors.  I find myself thinking more often than not about the art in the world around me.

I was walking with my 13-year old this weekend and saw a little black and red bird, and found myself sketching the little guy out in the sketchbook in my mind.  We saw a group of old ladies standing around outside in a front yard, and I grabbed my camera phone and snapped a shot before I even really realized what I was doing.  Fodder, art fodder, is everywhere.  It’s all becoming the subject of my next project.

I already had a backup of projects on the proverbial to-do list, and now, I’m certain that I’ll never get to it all!  The list just gets longer faster than I can paint it!

This journal page is right out of my Moleskine quote book that I’ve shared with you in other posts.  I started this page at the very bottom layer with a white China pencil.  My idea was to scribble handwriting on the page to use as a resist, only it didn’t look nearly as cool as my mind’s eye imagined.  Go figure.

So I just kept adding left-over paint from other workings, and I kept on hating it.  I just kept adding paint.  Ultimately, when I added the yellow paint with one of those Crafters Workshop stenciles, I started loving the color combo.  It’s turned out to be a playful and colorful page, and what a way to house one of my all-time fave quotes!

Prompt: What out in the world drives you to create?  What do you bring home to your canvas (whether it’s pen and paper, canvas and paint, art journal, needle and thread, however you create)?

4 thoughts on “Imagination Art Journal Prompt from my Quote Book

  1. I love that quote! and I truly love the prompts to ponder and think more on own daily journey in what we create…or how…thanks for that…

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