Just Jump! Art Journal Page

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Years ago, I found these little metal coin sort of thingies (yes, I’m certain that’s the technical term) at a shop somewhere.  Might have even been a UPS store or something odd like that.  They were in a cute little basket on the front counter, and I could not resist them!  Originally, I was thinking that my older daughter would love them, but when I put them in her hand, she just kind of shrugged, looked at me sort of quizzically, and quietly said thanks.  I found them later coming through the laundry…

So they ended up in one of the cubbies in one of my many art supplies boxes.  I think to myself every time that I see them that I’ll find something neat to do with them, cuz I love them, I love their sentiments, I love their feel.  And the years went on by.

Welp, I have finally made them a home!

This fun page follows another project in the online workshop I’m attending.  It’s funny, at first I wasn’t really even interested in doing this one.  I had already gone ahead and watched something else and started working on another project.  I kept rolling it around in my mind, though.  The idea of the leaves was to use bits of patterned papers and get a feel for using papers in your art journal for different textures.  That’s not something at all new for me, so I was wandering around not paying too much attention.

Later that evening, I was wanting to play in my art journal, but didn’t really have anything particular in mind.  I went back to the tree branch with the paper leaves.  I had one of those a-ha moments, I grabbed some of the scraps of my many artist papers (papers that I make for background and collage) to use for the leaves.  I love using these papers, I have so much fun making them, and I love to see them later in other projects.

The whole thing turned into a super-fun and playful project for me, and it turned into the new home for my little metal coin thingies…I feel thrilled and joyful when I open to this page, I get to see some bits of my art papers and the little coins!


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