Loverly Note Board for My Studio Wall

Knowledge is love and light and vision.

~ Helen Keller

This weekend I worked on a combination vision board + note board for my studio wall (this is another inspired project from the online workshop Art of Wild Abandonment that I told you about in my earlier post about Permissions in Art).

I’m still working a bit on some photos to add into the little pocket.  One of the really great things about this board is that I can change what’s in the burlap pocket and what hangs from the knotted string on the side.

I can use this board to display art supplies that are on my wish list.  Or I can use it to hang clippings or photos of things that go on my vision board.  Or to hang motivational quotes.  Or…well, really anything that I want to visually motivate me in my art space.  I just love the adaptability of the board, since sometimes what my goal is changes a bit.  It works for the very short-term motivators.

I also had a great time adding little bits of lovelies to the board.  I grabbed little things that I have had in my stash, little things that have just been waiting for the perfect project…little things that I love, and I finally found the perfect place to put so many of them together!

For example, the background is a vintage linen napkin that I found at a garage sale for $0.10.  I love the simple beauty, and I love painting on linen.  And the day that we went to that garage sale was a day chock full of junking with my hubby and the kids in tow.  We had a terrific time out in the sunshine, looking through old junk.  The tags in the pocket are tags I made using flower petals from Valentine’s Day 2011 and ink and embossing powders.  The pink flower is from one of my daughters’ pony tail holders that fell apart.  They’re all little tidbits of memories and great times.  They go wonderfully with my notes of important ideas…

So often I’m making projects for gifts or as commissioned works, but so rarely do I make something all just for me, to hang in my own space, just do I can look at it.  This was a loverly little project with no one else in mind, just me, just for my own inspiration.  Do you remember to do that occasionally?

I do have some final touches in mind, a few things I want to tuck into the pocket and clip onto the knotted string.  I also have a sentiment on a card that I’m going to attach onto the little frame at the bottom of the pocket, but you get the idea.  It’s a living artwork.

I did get some work done on another heavily-textured-caulk-in-the-background canvas I’ve been working on, can’t wait to share that with you when it’s finished up.  I am working on hand-tooling the text that will be ultimately on the canvas, so that’ll come later.

Prompt:  Where do you find tidbits of art fodder?  Garage sales, flea markets, your kids’ playroom, craigslist (these are some of my faves)?

5 thoughts on “Loverly Note Board for My Studio Wall

  1. I have an inspiration board in my craft room but it is nothing fancy, just a cork board that I hang pics and quotes and little bits and pieces on 🙂 Yours is very cool! Also, can’t wait to see the canvas your working on!!

  2. This is so nice! I still haven’t gotten to that project (I can’t seem to leave week 1 lol), but have seen Junelle’s videos and think I may skip ahead and do it, because practical, yet meaningful art totally floats my boat.

    Can’t wait to explore the rest of youyr blog 🙂

    • Hi Carin, thanks so much for visiting over here! I skipped a couple of projects to get to the note board just cuz it’s so dang cute!! I just finally got some radishes to go back and practice sketching 🙂
      My kids all love the note board and are putting in their requests for boards for their rooms, lol!
      xoxo MotherDana

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