Art Challenge Update

Okay, so I haven’t finished my project that I told you about yesterday, although I’m working on it!

I will share with you what the hubby gathered from the fodder:

  1. Shelf Liner, unused
  2. Mixed Media boards, two left out of a pile of a package of 10 purchased from Dick Blick’s
  3. Round sponge, once bought for texturing, but never worked exactly how I wanted
  4. Jar of white buttons, mixed, given to me by the lady that sold me my sewing machine
  5. Little pink organza bag, leftover from my sister’s baby shower
  6. A very short piece of trim, not even sure where it came from

Okay, so Christopher cannot count.  That totals 6 items.  But I accepted the challenge anyway.

I must admit, my first reaction was a bit of disappointment.  I kind of thought I’d have way more exciting stuff to work with…in my mind I was running through all of the possibilities of what I might have chosen had I been entrusted with the same task.  And then I just started chuckling ~ that’s exactly why I did NOT go and pick my own stuff.  What kind of challenge would that have been??

My next thought was that he went easy on me for this first time.  I kept pondering the little pile of stuff, and then found myself thinking that I had no idea what to do with this pile of junk.  Haha.

As I was dumping out the little bottle of buttons to check ’em out, my baby Bella wandered in to check it all out with me.  She is quite the tyrant in our house, being the baby out of four kidlets.  It just so happens that her Fourth Birthday is on Easter this year, although we’re celebrating on Saturday so she doesn’t get it all confuzzled.  She looked at the pile of stuff and said, Oh, is that all for making me something for my birthday?

She was around through the whole Note Board project, and has been asking me to make one for her.  To her it made perfect sense that I was pulling together stuff to make her a birthday present.  So that’s what this whole thing has turned into now as well.  Adding to the challenge…

I tend to want to share things before they’re totally done, but I’m not going to get impatient this time.  I’ll be back tomorrow to show you what comes out of all of this madness.

Thankfully, during all of the waiting time I’ve had on stuff drying (I have used more glue on this project than anything since about grade school), I received in the mail the most awesome package: a huge bag of trims, laces, and ribbons that I won off ebay for just 2 bucks!  It’s way more and way better than it looked in the pics on the ebay!!  And you know, since I used up some stuff for yesterday’s challenge, it got here just in time!!


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