“Four” Bella a.k.a. Art Fodder Challenge Finished Project

Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.

~ Marc Chagall

All of the glue is dry, the final touches are finished, the final piece is actually hanging on the wall in the dining room…our family party room, the place where we enjoy all of our family feasts and host all of the birthday parties and holiday celebrations.  Yep, all of that goes on around our huge, farmhouse-style dining table.  The huge table that we need with four kids and visitors every-of-often.  It doesn’t hurt that Christopher is our own personal chef, we want to eat for any and every occasion…

The First Official Art Fodder Challenge was a huge success!!  I had loads of fun, once I got going, and I found exactly the inspiration I was hunting.  It turned my head a bit sideways to look at artful playing a bit differently, without so much of my own preconceived notion of what I was going to do or what tools I was going to use.

So, for those of you that are following this endeavor, just so that you know I did actually use all of the fodder items Christopher gathered:

I used the art board (item # 1) for the base of the center panel.  After Bella requested that I make all of this stuff into her “Birthday Picture”, I decided to create a Wordle and print it out onto vellum paper (for another fun use of vellum, you can check this out).  I painted the background panel bright pink and then cut out the wordle and glued it down to the panel.

I used the shelf liner (item # 2) to add the texture in white on top of that.  I added some accent color around the edges with NeoColors.

I fringed up the edges of some cotton unbleached muslin (actually Christopher did the fringing while I fed the kidlets breakfast) to glue between the panel and the canvas board in the back.  I painted the canvas board with more of the hot pink and then used the sponge (item # 3) to speckle in some light pink acrylic paint (it did NOT make quite as much texture I was hoping for, which is why I fight with that stupid sponge and then throw it to the back of my texture-tool drawer).

I also used two of my home-made stamps for an added layer that just barely peeks through the fringe of the muslin.

I used the white buttons (item # 4) to glue down to some more of the art board (item # 1 again) cut out into the hearts.  Wasn’t sure that was going to work, but all of the buttons seem to be staying in place, thankfully.

I also cut out a scrap of the art board into the number 4 shape, painted it bright pink, and added silver glitter (what self-respecting 4-year-old has anything not covered in glitter??).

That went with four birthday candles into the little pink organza bag (item # 5) along with the shiny scrap of trim (item # 6) to add some color.

All of those embellishments went onto the canvas.  As an added bonus, my treasure showed up from an ebay auction of a huge pile of trimming scrap, and I dug around and found the little flower in the top corner and the ribbon that I used to glue to the back and hang the whole thing.

So it’s a bit girly, and really a bit over-the-top cute, and I was a bit bashful about the whole finished piece…


My little Bella came in and found me pondering it.  She sat down very seriously and asked me to read it to her.  I explained that the words were all describing her and words that her Dad and I thought of when we thought of her.  She helped me hang it up and had me pick her up to inspect it again.

Then she threw her little arms around my neck and kissed me on the cheek and told me Thanks for the beautiful Birthday Picture.  She told me it’s beautiful.  She then ran outside to grab the other kidlets and bring ’em in to see it.

Wow.  That is the biggest reason I art.


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