Happy Easter and a Super Cute Easter Bunny Craft

To all my peeps (hahahahaha, my own funny joke!), Happy Easter and Happy Spring!  While you might not all celebrate Easter, I still feel so inclined to share the joy that I feel…and if you don’t celebrate Easter, have a lovely weekend and get out there and feel the joy of spring!

I will be going AWOL this weekend, with Bella’s Birthday and Easter happenings all weekend long.

So I’ll leave you with this:

I know, they’re kind of dorky, but the kidlets all helped and think these are total magic.

A quick list of supplies for you:

  1. Toilet paper tubes, painted with white craft paint
  2. Unbleached muslin, coated with gesso, for the foots (I’m sure white cardstock would work great here, I just happened to be coating muslin for another project as well).  Cut the foot piece connected to a circle larger than the bottom of the tube.  Then snip the edges of the circle all around, paint the inside bottom of the tube with glue, and stuff in the foot piece.  I used a paint brush to smash it against the inside walls of the tube.
  3. Little bunny ears cut out of white card stock, pink craft paint for the inner ears.  Glue to the outside of the tube top, so that it doesn’t show all messy from the front.  Then glue a little strip of paper on the outside to clean it up, if desired.
  4. You can totally do the face of the bunny in lots of cute ways, we used some of the white card stock to cut out the little bunny cheeks and glue them on.  Markers for the other facial markings.
  5. You can stuff the tube with candies, little prizes, tissue paper, etc.  And he stands up on the little foots!  So cute!  (Mine still totally need some glitter somewhere, lol).

Now off to boil eggs for the Amazing Egg Decorating Egg-stravaganza!!  Pics to follow!


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