Art Journal Pages, and How To Add Some Visual Interest to Your Journal Pages

Live life like you imagine.

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I’ve been playing with a couple of fun ways to embellish or add interest to my art journal pages and to my mixed media works.

The first is adding some interest and some color with hand stitching.  Hand stitching is a fun way of adding dimension to your work, and it’s also a great way to add a photo or some other scrap of something to your pages.  It also keeps you from having to try and get your journal through the sewing machine, lol!

It’s super easy…all I did on this page was draw in the shape of the heart in black pen.  I also drew the heart on the back-side of the page so that I could see my template on both sides.  Then I used embroidery floss, separated down to a single piece.  I used a larger needle to sew the stitches around the heart shape that I drew with the black pen.  I stitched up through the back side at the bottom of the hear, and then down through the front side.  When I came back up through the back side for the next stitch, I left enough room so that the stitches didn’t tear through the paper.  After I stitched all the way around the hear one time, I went back around and filled in a bit with a cross-like stitch to add some weight to the stitching.  At the end, I knotted the thread on the back side and glued it down. Tip: You’ll want to be careful to not pull too tight as you stitch, or the stitching will pull through the paper and rip out the stitching.

Here’s a look at the finished page:

I did paint the background a solid blue-ish color and stamp with the light brown colored stamping for texture before I started the stitching.  All of the other texturing came after I stitched the hear.

This other page has another example of some hand stitching in a journal page:

Thanks to Bella for running in and striking a pose, unsolicited!

I used embroidery floss to stitch little “x”s around the border of the photo.  This time, though, I stitched the pic onto a piece of muslin and then glued the muslin into the journal page.

Which brings us to the other fun thing you can do to add some visual interest.  The muslin.  I tore the rectangles out of the unbleached cotton muslin.  I love the way muslin looks when torn, with the edges frayed.  I gessoed the rectangles, then added some bright blue paint with my fingers.  I used a home-made stamp to add the pink.  After all of that dried, I stitched on the photo (spruced up with the Grunge Pic app on my iPhone, my fave new photo app!!).

Then I Mod Podged the pieces into the journal pages, which already had pink added to the gessoed pages…added the decorative tape and the doodles…added the stamped title…and TA-DA!!!  A cute page using a couple of fun techniques!!

I’m not totally sure how I might translate this to my larger works, but I’m still messing around with the ideas.  I’ll keep you posted as I come up with something…

Prompt: Try your hand at stitching in your journal.  You can use the stitches to border the page, to “draw” a shape, or to attach something to the page (you could attach a pocket, or a photo, or some ribbon, for starters).  

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