How To Use Masking Tape to Make an Art Journal Page

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

~ Charles Caleb Colton

I was poking around on the interwebs and saw an awesome tutorial for using masking tape on an art journal page.  The tutorial was posted a couple of years ago on  What a treasure trove of great stuff!  I have visited her site before, only it’s been a while.  So I was thrilled to run into it again, and to find this terrific idea of using masking tape to make a cool journal page.

Many times, when I’m following a new technique, my first go of it turns out to be a complete mimic of what I’m seeing.  It’s not till after I play with it a bit that I start incorporating it into my own style of doing things.  It seems that other people seem to see a new technique, internalize it, and use it in their own way from the get-go.  Nope, not me.  I tend to copy it, sit with it, and eventually internalize it, and then use it in my own way.

I still want to share my go at it with you, cuz it was just so fun and turned out so pretty.  My kids have even been sitting and fondling the page!

You can find Milliande’s video here.  Tip: I had a bit of trouble going back and getting the link for you, this site is very large and the whole page doesn’t fit on my screen all at one time.  You have to move a bit over to the right in the middle of the page to get to the videos, so don’t give up!

Here’s what I created after watching the videos:

Aside from the obvious color differences, I did use different tools than what you see on the video.  I used Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Ink Cranberry for the first layer on the background.  I added the splashed of darker color in Sailboat Alcohol Ink.  I tipped the book around to let the darker ink dribble…

I used a metallic gold acrylic paint and a stamp for the shiny texture.  Once all of that was dry and set, I peeled off the masking tape and worked on the stripes.  I used pencils, Faber-Castell Pitt brush pens, and Neocolors to color in the white stripes (oooh, I love The White Stripes, that’s one of my favorite Pandora lists, I’ll go put that on now).

The last bit was writing on the colored stripes with gold paint pen and sumi ink.  I typically use one of those Niji Waterbrushes filled with Sumi ink for my work, but this time I used a bamboo skewer dipped in the sumi ink for the writing, as I wanted it much smaller.

I did use blue masking tape…after I put it on the blank, gessoed page, I heated it with the heat gun to get a tighter seal to the page.  I was hoping that the alcohol ink didn’t bleed too much onto the stripes.  I did still get a small bit of bleeding, mostly I think because I got impatient and didn’t wait till the tape had cooled all of the way.  Impatience, ahh, that’s where I most often fight myself…

Prompt: Get out the tape and start playing!


6 thoughts on “How To Use Masking Tape to Make an Art Journal Page

  1. I just learned about how to make your own artist’s tape from the latest Somerset Studio magazine.

    I ordered white artist masking tape from, but I suppose the ordinary kind would work just as well. Hmm…next time.

  2. I love this! Thanks for the link, Dana. I’m so inspired I’m trying this out today! From a quilter’s perspective, this is a very quick and easy “quilt,” LOL!

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