How to Make a Paper Bird, 7-Year-Old-Style

All children are artists.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

~ Pablo Picasso

Okay, this turned out so sweet and so heartfelt, that I absolutely HAVE to share this with you!

My 7-year old loves to art, she’s always making new and wonderful creations.  We’ve gone through a round of toy-making, a round of painted canvases, and a round of card-making.  She watches and participates in a lot of the art that I make.  She has an art journal of her own.  She loves to look at the blogs and pictures I ponder on the interwebs.  When I take online classes, she’s usually sitting right along side of me, learning techniques to employ in her own art.  She spends lots of time with Christopher out in the garage learning to use his tools.  She follows him around, doing science experiments and making new wonderful things to use in art.

She loves to dig around in the art supply cabinets, and often she comes up with innovative uses that I haven’t thought of.

The Easter Bunny stashed some rolls of decorative tape in her Easter basket this year, and she has been taping everything since.  I’m finding tape on the cabinets, on her books, in her art journal, and on little paper projects that she’s making for everyone in the family.

My favorite is this painfully cute little paper bird:

She made this for little Bella.  She got so creative with the tape and with the bits of paper she used for the bird parts.  She used both regular and decorative scissors (which she calls “crazy scissors”).

A little bit later, she brought me this next creation, her “How-to Book” on making a paper bird.  She told me that I could share this on my art blog (she often brings me little lovies that she makes, so that I can use them in my art).

So I am doing exactly that!  I will decipher a bit of the instructions for you in the captions of each pic:

How-to make a paper bird: You will need scissors, tape, and paper (the drawings)

Cut out a circle with the (scissors). Then make wings with crazy (scissors). The drawings on the opposite page are the shapes to cut out with the scissors, and then use the tape to attach to the circle.

Fold a small (rectangle). Cut a triangle. Unfold it and fold (roll up a little piece) a piece of (tape) on it. See the drawings.

Use the (tape) to make feet . Cut two eyes. Fold (roll up a little piece) the (tape) like you did with the beak.

The beak can open and close.

The little how-to book is as wonderful as the little paper bird!!  Have a wonderful Saturday, I’m off to play with the kidlets!!


13 thoughts on “How to Make a Paper Bird, 7-Year-Old-Style

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    • Haha, glad you like it! Ally has loved this whole thing, she’s working hard to get something else ready for the blog 🙂 Thanks for visiting the blog, Cindy! I love sharing it with you…

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