Welcome to My Art Fodder Nest

Each thought that is welcomed and recorded is a nest egg, by the side of which more will be laid.

~ Henry David Thoreau

Thanks to all of you that stopped by and offered some love and support for Ally on Saturday’s post (if you missed it, please do take a peek, she is so thrilled to be participating in the giant art community out there…she’s so heartfelt and sincere with her sharing of her project!).

Spring break is over for us, as it is for most of you now.  Here in Reno, spring is a subjective thing.  We actually had some snow over the weekend!  We’re trying to be patient…we do have a few flowers starting to bloom here and there, but not much yet.  The birds are singing and visiting and beginning to build their nests.  Little bunny rabbits are running around all over the neighborhood.  Spring is coming, even if a bit slowly for us.

I’m definitely itching for the warmer weather.  I love spending the spring afternoons tromping around with the kidlets, snapping pics of the flowers and budding trees and the critters.  I’m ready.

This weekend I worked on a project from the online class that I’m finishing up.  The theme is building an art nest, a visual representation of all the things that we, as artists, go out and collect, and then bring back to use in our art.  That means not only actual pieces of art fodder, like bits of treasure and art supplies and so forth, but more importantly, those pieces of experiences and inspirations on an esoteric level.  Like seeing the bunnies running across the backyard…like the quail sitting under the pine trees, looking for seeds and then moving from house to house in the neighborhood as the sun sets…like the golden eagles swooping down from the mountain behind our house, gliding around each other in circles as they descend to find the critters on the valley floor…

This canvas now hangs proudly on the end wall in my art space, right next to the canvas I made for my note board.  So often I’m creating for gifts or for commissioned work or for sale, but this time these two canvases I made just for me…and I love looking at them, and feeling inspired by them.

Prompt: What do you collect for your art nest?


5 thoughts on “Welcome to My Art Fodder Nest

  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It’s really nice to meet other artists/art journalers.

    This is really a nice blog. I added you to my blogroll, and I’m going to come back for all the great ideas here.

    I really would love to turn a book into an art journal…but so far, haven’t found the courage to alter a book. I’m such a book lover.


    • I’m so glad to meet you as well! I had such the same hangup with using books, but once you get started, and once you come to terms with using old books that are not getting used anyway, it gets to be lots of fun.
      xoxo MotherDana

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