Wood Grain Texture, Cool Art Journal Background

Craigslist…one of my favorite little obsessions.  Okay, maybe it’s not so little, but it’s definitely an obsession.

I love looking at other people’s stuff, the stuff that people are trying to get rid of, because they need to pay their rent or because they’re moving and can’t take it with them.  I love looking at the Barter section and seeing what people are thinking they can trade to get the other stuff that they want.

I love reading the craiglist best of, cuz it’s really funny.

My free craigslist iPhone app made the whole addiction obsession much more easily accessible, I’ve got craigslist with me everywhere I go!!

My most visited section of the craigslist is the Free section.  I love other people’s junk.  And I really love other people’s free junk.

I know I’ve mentioned before that I love to collect stuff from the craigslist, it’s a terrific source of art fodder.  I collect throwaway books, I find scrap metal, I pick up wood scraps on the craigslist.  I’ve found vintage school desks and old jewelry boxes for altered art and old clothes for cutting up.  You can find great stuff on the craigslist, if you just keep your eyes open.

So I see these ads for cool free stuff, and then I just tell the hubby, Go!  And off he goes…he is so wonderful and just runs out after all kinds of weird stuff for me.

One of the BEST hauls we got off the craigslist was a huge load of painting supplies.  A local paint shop was closing its doors, and they gave away a massive supply of paint, finishes, faux products, and other specialty products.  Many of the items are comparable to what you find in art stores, marketed at artists.  Only these are huge gallon containers and all FREE!!

I’ve been practicing with crackle finishes, and up till now, I haven’t had a whole lot of success.  It seems that many of the little jars of crackle pastes you can get at the art supply store do not do what I want them to do.

The Behr crackle glaze is fantastic!  It’s thinner than a lot of the other crackle pastes, so it spreads really easily (that’s important so that you don’t have to fight with the coverage, as the size of your crackles will change depending on how much you work the layer).

So today’s journal page is a showing of using the crackle as a background on a journal page.  I used bright orange for the underneath color, then added the layer of crackle, and then the bright green on top.  I added the prepped music paper at the bottom and the black marks around the sides.  With all of the bright colors, we call it Fantasy Wood Finish…

I did add clear gel to the top of the whole thing after it dried, mostly to make sure the crackle didn’t flake off, and partly cuz I like the look of the shine.  I might add something else ultimately to it, but for now, I just like looking at it and running my hands over the crackle.

Prompt: Practice your wood grain technique!  The fun comes in when you work on smaller grains, versus larger grains, or cross-hatching the grains.  Try using colors other than traditional wood colors, the effect is awesome!


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