Affirmation Card Set

Self-suggestion makes you master of yourself.

~ W. Clement Stone

One of the blogs that I like to visit fairly regularly is Gauche Alchemy.  It’s a crafty blog, with creative gals that post projects from their own crafty worlds.  So you get a good mix of different styles and ways of explaining their projects.

A recent post there, Affirmation Inspiration Strikes, ended up taking all of my weekend art time.  I dropped all other projects cuz I just HAD to make myself one of these little rings of affirmation cards!

It’s funny, my girls were pondering the little cards right along with me.  I had to cut out some circles for them to decorate as well.  Even Christopher got involved…he worked on finding me the ring to put the cards on and also did all the spraying of the finished cards with polyurethane so that they had a nice shiny top coat.

The project also sparked a weekend full of philosophical conversations (we do have those a lot, but this was several all in one weekend!)…and it helped us build up a bunch of inspirational and motivational energy for the week ahead.

I do collect my affirmations in piles of little notes and sticky notes and journals…all around the place.  I stick them to my bathroom mirror and to the sun shade in my car.  Now I have them collected with some of my favorite colors and background techniques and all artful.  And I can carry them with me!  As I used a ring that I can open and close, I can also add to the ring when I’m working on a new affirmation or mantra…and I have extra circles cut so that when I want to play but don’t have anything particular artsy in mind, I can make more affirmation cards.  Fun fun!!

Who knew?  Sometimes I get inspired by posts I see, and they take me way off the path I was bee-bopping down.  Quite often those end up being the most healing of activities.

You can check out the project over at Gauche Alchemy…the only difference, really, in my little set of cards, is that I did not want to have to cut out all of those rectangles!  So I used my large circle punch and watercolor paper.  I also glued two finished circles together, making the finished card really thick and really strong.

Kudos to Jo for this awesome project!!

Prompts: Do you use positive affirmation (if not, maybe look into it)?  Make a journal page around one of your regular affirmations.  Or if you have many of them, like I do, make yourself a card set, one that pleases you to look at it and fondle it…you’ll more likely focus on them that way 🙂

18 thoughts on “Affirmation Card Set

  1. Hey, this is such a compliment! I am SO glad that I inspired you to go on to create your own wonderful affirmation circles ring! I really like them as round discs (I think I’ll make some and pop them on with my rectangles). Great to hear the family got involved too :o)

    Be sure to post this on the Gauche Alchemy flickr site – the other girls would love to see them. In fact I’ll send them along here anyway!


    • Hi Jo, thanks for coming and taking a peek! Yep, you totally inspired, thanks so much for sharing 🙂
      I will visit the flickr site, I didn’t even realize I had missed that…
      xoxo MotherDana

  2. Wow….love your take on Jo’s project. Total awesomeness!

    Thank you for visiting the Gauche Alchemy blog and we are so thrilled you find us inspirational (& that you had to drop everything to do one of our projects).

  3. Hi there! These are FABULOUS!!! LOVE the bright color scheme and the circle shape is even more fitting as I tend to associate circles with nurturing and a cheerful outlook. Thank you so much for mentioning Gauche in your blog! Yes please link this to our Flickr if you have a moment. I LOVE that you got your whole family into the project- that’s fantastic- a little ray of sunlight just shone out- that is amazing. 🙂

  4. These are awesome! I love that Jo inspired not only you, but your family as well. I love that your family got involved. What a fulfilling project. Thank you for sharing this with us over at Gauche Alchemy. We love to see what our following is making and I will say that you hit a homerun with this beauty. Cheers! Christina

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