Cards on Paint Color Samples

Joy is but the sign that creative emotion is fulfilling its purpose.

~ Charles du Bois

I think I’ve been avoiding my latest canvas…I know what comes next, but I’m battling in my mind over exactly how I’m going to do it.  So I’ve been doing lots of small projects, keeping my hands busy and my mind pretending to not think about the canvas.

I’m one of those gals that collects paint color sample cards anytime I’m anywhere that has them.  We do use a lot of paint, including for Christopher’s paint jobs.  He does beautiful custom faux paint creations in the homes of his followers.  He does extremely artistic work, and he always warns his customers they are hiring an artist, not a commercial painter…which is really important, he takes way longer than a commercial painter would take, lol.

I dig around in the stash of paint sample cards pretty often, making little love notes for the kidlets’ lunches and that sort of thing.

This batch of little cards is on some of those paint sample cards.  I just gesso’d over the back side of the cards and then did my artwork.  I’ve left the paint color side of the card, I think it’s cool that way…and the cards make the perfect little canvases, it’s a great weight of paper.  I’ve used Behr samples for this set.  The corners are already nice and rounded, and they are the perfect size for stuffing in an envelope to mail out to some of my artsy friends.

Prompt: Dig out some of those paint sample cards you’ve been wondering what to do with!  Make some miniature art, spruce them up!  Glue paper scraps of bits of ephemera to them, paint them, write poems on them!  It doesn’t have to be super-ornate or too time-involved.  Then mail them out…mail them to your mom or to someone in the military.  Get them out to someone and brighten their day 🙂  Isn’t that much of what our art is about??

14 thoughts on “Cards on Paint Color Samples

  1. Very cool idea! Have you tried sending as postcards? How big are they? I’ve used some paint samples for the great names they give the colors–add them to my journal page and accent the name on the sample by circling.

    • Thanks! These are 5″ x 6″, although I collect and use all different sizes…different brands of paint make different sample cards.
      Ha, the color names, I do the same! I actually picked out which cards I used for these little guys based on what color names showed up on the back of my art (which, of course, is the front of the paint sample card). Great idea to use for the text in art journaling 🙂
      xoxo MotherDana

  2. I’d be interested in knowing how big they are too. I don’t think we have these paint sample cards in the UK but I’ll be looking out for a substitute! Your cards look brilliant, what a ray of sunshine to pop into an envelope :o)

    • Hi Jo, these are 5″ x 6″, although I use samples of all different sizes. I use smaller cards for the love notes I put in the kidlets lunches…
      So you don’t have this size paint sample cards, or any kind at all?? The best thing about these is that they are free to pick up a few at the hardware store…
      Thank you, I’m so glad you like them!
      xoxo MotherDana

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  4. Ok now this is an older post, but I wanted to say how inspiring these are, especially to someone like myself, who isn’t the best at “art”. You’ve made these into really masterful works of mixed media, and I find each one so intriguing. The flowers are my favorite but they’re all amazing. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea…. I also do a lot of crafty things and am tired of the same old thing. And I had literally sat here at 5am and thought ‘PAINT SAMPLE CARDS’ and found your idea while searching for something else… this is cool and reminds me a tiny bit of what my great grandmother and I used to do with the old milk cartons. 🙂

    • How fun! I have been playing with cereal boxes with my kidlets lately 🙂 I’m glad you found this post, playing with paint sample cards is one of my fave things…I have a serious habit!!

  6. LOL I make scrapbook type scrapbook type books out of cereal boxes or any type boxes, any size… after they have been covered and coated. They are really cool. My uncle who is a ‘real artist’ ( hence me NOT being a real artist as I don’t make a TON OF MONEY.. or any money.. LOL like he does) saw them and loved them and took them to the art store where he buys his supplies. The owner loved them. Go figure. They just take a while to make with the work in them etc. Winter thing.

  7. I will put some pics of ones I have done on my wordpress. I haven’t done very many as they are very time consuming and I only started doing them last fall and then I got very sick… the blue one, the biggest, is mine. the smaller ones ( 5×5 and 4x 6 and 6×4 are just spares… not sure what I will do with them. was going to put a site up and sell them.. have the site in progress, but like I said- things got whacky!) I will have the pics up later on today. 🙂

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