Another Paint Color Sample Card Idea

I dance to the song of the Universe.  It may look a little bit odd, but only to those who don’t hear the music.

~ Christopher St John

My favorite styles/sizes

Here is another neat-o idea for some of those paint color sample cards you have stashed. I am including a pic of an unused paint color card for my friend Jo over in the UK, as she tells me that she is unsure if they have these over there.  Jo, hopefully seeing one in its natural form will help you figure out what else is comparable!  On a side note, I’ve always wondered why it is that so many people call these “paint chips”, as it seems paint chips refers to actual flakes of actual paint…hmm…

When I first started really exploring art journaling, I spent lots of time poking around blogs and videos looking at background ideas.  I got really really good at backgrounds…it took a while before I started even considering what goes on top of the background…what do you call that?  Oh, yeah, the foreground!

I fought the fear for quite some time.  So I just played, creating lots of lovely backgrounds, waiting in my journals and on my papers, waiting for me to decide if they would ever see any more action.

Christopher, on the other hand, hasn’t had that same battle with the fear.  And we love collaborative works…which totally works out for us.  He can see something in backgrounds that I make, even when I don’t.  If I give up on what comes next on a background, he’ll see something in them and get to work on a foreground.  Over time, that has actually helped me see more in my own work, and I have learned to see thing myself.  But I still love when he adds to works that I’ve started…

This particular work is one of those collaborative projects.

I started with a piece of cardboard cut out of a box.  I glued down the paint color sample cards, and then started adding paint with a brayer.  I smeared a color on with the brayer, and then wiped off some of the paint.  After the paint dried, I’d do it again, sometimes with the same color, sometimes with another color.  Little bit by little bit, I build up color where I wanted it.  I did work on keeping some of the color names and some of the lines between the colors on the card peeking through (like artsynaturenut does in some of her art journaling).  On the top layers of color I added Neocolors to grunge it up a bit.

After all of the colors were dried and set, I hit the background with sandpaper.  That basically grunged it up some more, and that also “blended” the whole color scheme together, sort of tying it all in together.

I did add some textured stamping and some color added with bottle caps for an additional layer of texture.

Prompt: What else fun can you do with paint chips?  I have seen huge blog postings around on the internet with fun ideas for these little cards.  Take yourself on a date to the hardware store and pick some of these little cards up!  Try to get out of your color comfort zone.  Make a cool background with some.

5 thoughts on “Another Paint Color Sample Card Idea

  1. Thank you for the pic of the naked paint chips! In the UK we have the long thin type as you showed on the right hand side in the pic, but nothing as generous as those lovely big coaster size chips. They look kinda beer mat size………..

    ‘Peaceful Night’ is gorgeous. I had to laugh knowingly at your comment at being so good at backgrounds you forgot about the foreground – sometimes a background goes so well I can hardly bear to cover it all up ;D

  2. Thanks for the mention of my blog. Now I’m psyched about paint chips and I’m making a stop at Home Depot to stock up and get inspiration! You may have started a whole new trend here 🙂


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