I’m a Winner, a Blog Hop, and Some More of My Latest Obsession, Paint Chip Cards

Goodness, it seems today is a day of all kinds of tidbits!!

First of all, I’m a WINNER!!

I know, I know, seems like with all of my affirmation-style and positive message artsy stuff that maybe I shouldn’t be thinking this is actually news-worthy, but I tell you, this couldn’t have happened at a more serendipitous time, as I’ve been battling some of my own negativities this week.

You may have visited the lovely blog, Campfire Chic, but I have only recently “discovered” Kam’s wonderful and inspiring blog (if you haven’t visited as of yet, be sure to do so, it is chock full of coolness!).  She has monthly sponsors, and for April, one of the sponsors is Indie Chic, a shop of the most feminine and darling flower and other nature jewelry.  And yours truly won a pack of this awesome jewelry!!  My girls are going to totally fight me for the joy of wearing these lovelies, lol.

Thank you so verily much to Kam at Campfire Chic and to Samantha at Indie Chic, you totally made my day week April!!

Next item on the agenda, before we get to pics of my latest obsession, is an upcoming blog hop.  I’ve told you a couple of times (you can check out my first post about the class if you haven’t already) about the online workshop I’ve been taking, The Art of Wild Abandonment.  The class has been one of the most inspiring, exciting, and fun classes I’ve taken as of yet.  Even more inspiring has been the participation of all the others taking the class and the sharing and friendships running around during the class, all shared on our Facebook group (joining Facebook is a whole new gig for me, not just the sketching!).  I have been privy to such much amazing art by lots of amazing people that I never would have met otherwise…

We are having a Blog Hop this Saturday, and you’ll really want to follow along and check out these amazing talents.  We will start at midnight my time here in Reno (holy cow!), which is timed with the start of the blog hop at 8 a.m. British Standard Time…I did have to look that up on the interwebs!  You can jump over here, I will have my post up, and I will give you the before and after landing spots.  I will also show you where to go if you want to start at the beginning of the whole shindig.  It’s a great way to make some discoveries of your own in the art blogosphere.

Now for the Paint Chip Cards!

Okay, last order of business, I have been creating some more of these little artworks on the paint chip sample cards.  Can’t seem to get enough of them!  Along with my other regular projects, I have been so inspired by my recent joining of a RAAK group (Random Acts of Art Kindness).  The thrill of making something and sending to someone on the list that I’ve never met, that has never met me, oh, I am just so excited to send a little card in the mail to them!  I haven’t had penpals since grade school!  This has been the most fun, and way more of an inspiration than I ever imagined it would be (how many times can you talk about inspiration in one blog post??)!

So here’s a peek at my latest cards:

Prompt: Have you ever executed a RAAK?  You know, it doesn’t have to be in a formalized membership group, you can commit an act of art kindness anytime, anywhere!  Make something lovely, something you like, and send it to someone…in the MAIL!!  We so often use texting, phone calls, twitter, Facebook, etc. that we forget how much fun it is to get something in the mail!  Or leave a surprise piece of artsy goodness on a table somewhere to a stranger!  It feels great!  Spread the artsy love 🙂

2 thoughts on “I’m a Winner, a Blog Hop, and Some More of My Latest Obsession, Paint Chip Cards

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