Do You Love Bread Pudding Like I Do?

I might have told you before that I am really not the cook in the house.  I mostly view cooking as a chore, and not as a creative outlet or as pleasant in any way.  I get stressed out in the kitchen.

Now don’t get me wrong, I really do love to eat.  I do love watching Christopher in the kitchen.  I do love helping pick out new dishes to try, and helping choose flavors that I hope he uses in our next meal.  I love to decorate the table.  I’ll even do the dishes.

But I really don’t care much for the actual cooking.

Occasionally, though, I do get a wild hair and get excited about baking something.  In fact, I have mastered the art of the cookie.  Of course, I think that comes along with the whole package of Mommy Magic.

I love bread pudding.  I haven’t met many bread puddings that I didn’t love.  I especially love the kind of bread pudding you get back down South, and having grown up in Texas, with a bunch of family from Louisiana, I especially love New Orleans-style bread pudding.

I found a super-yummy recipe on for a very yummy, very simple, French Quarter Bread Pudding.  Oh, my, gosh!  It’s really a great recipe.

I will give you the couple of things I adapted.  I know, you’re supposed to try the recipe as is first, before you make any adjustments.  But I wasn’t sure how the whole bread pudding thing was going to go over in my house, so I didn’t know if it would be any time soon before I got to make it again and adapt it…

So here’s what tiny little things I did a bit differently than the posted recipe:

  1. I had Christopher make the french bread here at home.  He made a nice, dense bread for me.  Yummy.  I had a hard time not munching the bread straight away.
  2. I did NOT add raisins.  Yuck.  I do not like raisins in my bread pudding.
  3. I used heavy cream rather than half and half.  I like a thicker bread pudding.
  4. I doubled the cinnamon, nutmeg, and the vanilla.
  5. We baked up some pecans in butter and brown sugar, and then drizzled the top of the bread pudding with that and more melted butter.

Okay, so the extra sweet from the brown sugar on top was a bit sweet, next time I’ll work on a bourbon sauce, I just didn’t have any bourbon on hand this time.  Otherwise, this was so yummy, it looked beautiful, it was the perfect texture…and no, my kids weren’t crazy about it.  I think if they would’ve given it more of a chance, they might have loved it…they just thought it mostly looked weird.  I think that was my opinion of bread pudding when I was a kid.  So much lost time, sigh.

I hope you get a chance to try this out, it really is one of my fave new recipes.

And please!!  Let me know if you have any good bread pudding recipes, as I do love them!!

2 thoughts on “Do You Love Bread Pudding Like I Do?

  1. Dana – this sounds SO decadently yummy!! Ina Garten, aka Barefoot Contessa suggested as a twist to traditional bread pudding to use croissants in place of the bread. She kept them whole, placed them in the pan then poured a thick, creamy custard over it. How good does that sound?? Thanks for sharing your version of bread pudding.


    • Hi Lorrie,
      Thanks for the tip on using croissants, what a yummy idea!
      I really do love all the bread puddings, so I will have to get Christopher to make me some croissants now 🙂

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