HUGE Blog Hop and A Cool Idea for How to Decorate an Old Accessory

Happy Saturday All!

Now it’s time for something a little bit different…

If you are following the Art of Wild Abandonment Bloghop, you have probably come here from Marsa Fisher’s blog.

I have been posting and telling you throughout the last month or so about the fun-filled online class over at Christy Tomlinson’s, The Art of Wild Abandonment. I have had such a blast throughout the class, from the terrific teaching style of Junelle Hallstrom Jacobsen, to the wonderfully supportive, interactive, and inspirational group of gals on the Facebook class group.

I have stretched myself artistically throughout the class, which I think is what we all strive for when we take any kind of creative class. I have mimicked the projects throughout the class, sort of my way of learning, and have then infused what I have learned and what has inspired me into my own art. I never enjoyed sketching anything out before I got going with this class, and I am most thankful for that gift…

So as you hop through this awesome and wonderful blog hop, filled with visits to some of the other gals from the class, my hope is that you will get to feel some of the joy that everyone has been having!

Now I’m going to share with you my most recent project from the class, which actually came from one of Christy’s videos. We took an old wallet or purse or some such thing and breathed new life into by covering it in art!

This was a particularly fun project for me, cuz although I make fun stuff for other people to use and to wear, I hadn’t been carrying around something with ME that showcases some of my art. Now I have something that will go with me everywhere and will add a little brightness and artsy-ness to my travels. AND it’s my everything-keeper, it holds business cards and business fliers that I carry with me…and my business life is not typically related to my art life, my business life sometimes gets a little bit dry! What fun to add some color to that realm…

It also has particular meaning for me, in that one side of the case has an element that we will eventually work into our logo…a hand-carved stamp that my Christopher’s mom made many years ago in her art studio. Christopher actually helped me fill in some of the ink on the impression that didn’t come out all of the way!

A couple of tips for you: The first layer is tissue paper, stamped with black ink and the Chinese lettering. I wasn’t totally sure that it would give me the tooth that it needed, or that it would stay on the fabulous faux pleather under it, but Christy was right!! It really did stick, and it really did give a great canvas on which to keep adding stuff. It also took a lot more layers of the tissue paper than I originally expected…the black was so deep and so dark, the white tissue paper would just disappear into the black. I might have gesso’d the whole thing to help with that, but I had already started Mod Podging everything down. So I just built up the layers of tissue paper and that did the trick. Then it really was just like working on a canvas or art journal page, even if a bit squishier (the cover of the card case is padded).

There you have it…it actually looks like some of my art journal pages, just a working piece of art that will go with me now (Christopher did bury the whole thing in a clear varnish so that dirt and finger oil and so forth won’t absorb into the artwork).

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33 thoughts on “HUGE Blog Hop and A Cool Idea for How to Decorate an Old Accessory

  1. This is really fun! Love the three cute flowers in the right hand corner on the top picture of the wallet.. I agree with what you say about stetching you artistically….it certainly has me too I think thats why we all fell in love with this workshop!

  2. Love the bright colors you’ve used on your wallet. It’s so true this workshop has given me the freedom to play more with myimagination.

  3. I love that you did this projects! I haven’t seen many around (though my visits to the fb group have been a bit sporadic lately). I want to try it too. You did a beautiful job on it! And, yes, it stretched me artistically too. Love it!

  4. I have not gotten to this project I don’t think because I don’t remember it. I’m going to have to go through all the videos because I’m sure there are things I’ve missed along the way. Your wallet is great and what a fun way to carry your art piece with you wherever you go. LOVE it! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  5. Very cool wallet! I haven’t even watched that video but after reading your post and planting the seed to carry around my art into my everyday life. My work needs a little art to brighted by days away from my studio. Thanks!

  6. Love your altered business case…I’m thinking about altering a business card holder so that I can have a piece of my art with me in the ‘dry’ business world too! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  7. I haven’t done this project yet, but beautiful work! And I love your preying mantis sketch. I am a bug girl at heart!

  8. I love your sketch of the mantis! I haven’t tried the wallet/purse project yet.. You did a wonderful job on yours, It inspires me to try one!

  9. Isn’t it fun reworking an old item into a new piece!?! My daughter and I did an old bag of hers, had alot fun fun with it.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  10. I love your wallet! So cute. I did a canvas tote and was amazed at how the decopauged surface was just like a canvas. My finished bag feels like faux leather and I will definitely do more bags. Thanks for sharing yours, every time you look at it will make you smile.

  11. Your wallet is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing how you made it. I was at three thrift stores today and completely forgot to pick up a purse. Your project is so gorgeous that now I really want to try it!

  12. I found your Mod Podging interesting. I’ve never had success with layering but love the fish. ♥

  13. I love your wallet! I also like the sketches you included at the beginning. I don’t remember seeing those in the group postings. Love the grasshopper!

  14. Your wallet turned out Fabulous! How nice of you to document some of your process, especially for those who were not part of the class, in case they were interested in having an idea of what you had done. Great sketches.

  15. Love the art on the case! I’m still hunting for just the right item to “decorate”! Your flowers on it just made me smile!

  16. I love your altered art wallet! What a fun process, and now you can show off your artistic talent each time you pull it out!! You did a beautiful job on it!

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