House of Doodles

The St John household is, on occasion, a chaotic household.

With four children, two dogs, and three parakeets yapping at us all day long, our house can be a little bit noisy.  Even a little bit overwhelming.  Kids are running in and out all day long, stopping by to grab a snack on the way back out the door.  Sometimes they even stop to smile and say something, and if we’re really lucky, we’ll get an “I love you” before they run back out the door.

With all of that activity, it’s a wonder that we get any business or art done during the day, but somehow, we do.


My work during the day is mostly at the kitchen table.  We have a great big, wooden, farm-style table, and it’s perfect for my portable office and art studio.  I have a laptop working all day, and in between taking phone calls and typing documents, I’m working on various art projects that I keep handy.

By keeping my set up right here in the middle of all the goings-on, I am interactive with the kidlets all day long in the middle of their goings-on.



So it’s also a pretty regular happening that one of them will stop at the table and grab something art related and work on a drawing or some such thing themselves.  I get various love notes and drawings throughout the day…



And sometimes I find cute drawings left on the table as one of the little whirlwinds runs back out the door.  We keep some of them on the fridge, we keep some of them in frames on the walls, and we keep still others in a box of kidlet art, to be used at a later time, to mail out to grandparents, or to rotate into the other displays.




Recently, Ally the 7-year-old gal drew a cute little snail.  That drawing sat on the table for a little while, and by the time I got back to it, her 13-year-old brother had added some details to her drawing.  We now call it “Monster Eating Gary” after Gary the snail from Sponge Bob Square Pants…


My kidlets tickle my heart in ways I couldn’t  imagine, before I had them in my life.  I love sharing art with them and receiving their sweet mommy lovie notes and creative drawings…and I love that they love making art with Christopher and me.

What’s that saying?  Oh, yeah.  The family the arts together stays together!




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