What Does a Perfect Saturday Look Like?

We have a way of describing the perfect day, it can actually be any day of the week, but when the day is just awesom-i-tacular, we say it’s Another Perfect Saturday.

The saying started in the beginning to describe our Saturdays.  A typical Saturday starts with the “House Cleaning Party” (the kids are no longer fooled by the status of “party”, they know it just means we’re cleaning the house, lol), and then we graduate to outside play time when the weather is warm.  Movie time if it’s raining or too cold to go out.  Then in the late afternoon, we grill out.  My personal fave is fajita night, but we cook all kinds of dinners outside on the wood-fire grill.  And when I say “we”, I really mean Christopher does the grilling and I offer moral support…

The Saturday Night Cook Out is its own special themed dinner in our house.  We listen to the blues, we drink Belgium beer, and it’s really an EVENT.  Doesn’t matter that we just did it last Saturday night…it never gets old.

Along the way we realized that we were piling up a whole bunch of Perfect Saturdays in succession.  For a while we even kept count for the thrill of it.  Then the term sort of bled over into the rest of the week.  We can have a Perfect Saturday right smack in the middle of the week!  And it no longer is only about the night where we grill out and listen to the blues…now it describes any day that has just gone wonderfully, with no stress, no anxiety. They are days that are filled with joy and togetherness and love and, well, fun.

It helps that we are entrepreneurs and don’t have to clock in at an office on someone else’s terms.  We happen along days in the middle of the week where all of the work is caught up, so we just have a Perfect Saturday right then and there!

It’s all about attitude.  We carry the Perfect Saturday attitude as a part of us now and look for the opportunity to act it out anywhere and everywhere.

Today I sent the hubby and the eldest out to play at the Army/Navy surplus store.  I kicked the little ones outside to play in the sunshine.  I did the housecleaning with the radio cranked up, and I’m happily sitting at my table pondering my creative lists.  Christopher and David will be home this afternoon with grocery sacks full of yummies to grill for us tonight.

It’s Another Perfect Saturday.









Prompt: What does a Perfect Saturday look like to you??

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