A Mother’s Day Journal Page

God could not be everywhere and therefore He made mothers.

~ Jewish Proverb

What a whirl wind week this has been for us!  Up till now, I have been so consistent with blogging and sharing with you…I hate it that I missed a couple of days this week!  One of the things you’ll find in the tips of any blog about blogging, is stay consistent!  As your readers come to expect your posts on a regular basis, whatever that expectation is, keep it going.

With that said, while my goal is to keep this blog consistent and regular (wow, I don’t mean for that to sound like a bodily function, lol), I got super busy this past week with our business.

We were blessed with a huge new client and a large base of referral clients this past week.  We have been hoppin’ busy, taking care of their orders and phone calls, hosting conference calls, and doing paperwork.  I am so thankful for the blessing and the new business, but it’s cut into my arting a blogging time a bit.  Not a complaint at all, of course, but it has been tough not being able to art as much as usual.

I did take the day off on Mother’s Day.  I had the most awesome Mother’s Day yet, mostly because the little ones are big enough now that they are all making me lovelies and cards and picking me flowers and so forth.  Christopher and my eldest grilled out fajitas and put together the most yummy Mexican Fiesta dinner for me.

And I did get in a bit of art time, enough to play in one of my art journals and make a bright and cheery page about the day.  I just finished it up last night…

This page is the result of me digging around in envelopes of Art Fodder™ I have stashed around my studio.  Sometimes just thumbing through the piles of stuff spurs the whole thing, and that’s definitely what happened here.  I wanted to play with the butterfiles from a card I had saved along the way.

I hope that all of you Mommies out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day and that the rest of you got the opportunity to call yours…

I did also spend some time reflecting on how much I love being a Mother, and how much my kidlets have taught me about love and life and the world and God.  I spent time reflecting on continuing to be the best Mom that I can be, and to continue striving to be even better throughout this coming year.

I will be back, Christopher and I are working on a couple of cool technique how-to’s for you, and I am still fixin’ to get ready to finish up my latest caulk canvas (I’ve been hiding from the hand-lettering that I’m going to attempt on the canvas).

3 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Journal Page

  1. Gorgeous pages. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mothers’ Day :o)

    We are so blessed to be parents, having my kids definitely made me rethink everything in my life and made me the person I am today.


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