Conversations with God, a Journal Page and Updates

If you want guarantees in life, then you don’t want life.  You want rehearsals for a script that’s already been written.  Life by its nature cannot have guarantees, or its whole purpose is thwarted.

~ Neal Wash, Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue 

When I started blogging, my goal was to blog everyday except for Sunday.  I was able to keep up with that schedule for a short time, but it turns out that schedule is a bit tough. Life seems to get in the way, lol.

Our business is continuing its recent success, which is a tremendous blessing.  It is also very time-consuming.  And other recent events for our family are building…we recently found out that we have to move, not by our own design, but still something that has to be. So we’ve been working on finding a new home, and packing and getting ready and so forth.

The result is that I haven’t had nearly as much time as I like for arting and blogging.

I think in the coming months I will strive to organize a bit on the blog, and keep great tips and how-to’s coming, so that the material I put out here to share with you is valuable and fun, even if a little less often.  I will keep you posted as I nail down the regular scheduling. Once I figure it out, haha.

I did have time to work on a new journal page, and I particularly love this page, it has some really cool elements.









My sentiment here is a page build around some recent chats I’ve been having with God on finding our family a new home.  I wanted a place on the page to tuck in the details of the chats so that it didn’t have to be right out in the open.  I love the idea of using pockets and little nooks and crannies for putting stuff onto our journal pages…we can have a beautiful page to share without having to have all of the goods displayed.

The pocket I attached is actually a little gift enclosure card and envelope.  I glued down the lace in the square shape and then glued the pre-gessoed envelope down to the lace.  I did the painting on the envelope after it was already glued down.  The whole thing might have gone a bit smoother had I decorated first, glued the lace on to the envelope, and then glued the whole thing into the book, but this time I guess I did it backwards 🙂

I used strips from an old French paperback novel for some added textural interest.  I love love love using elements with text!  Although I have to sort of imagine what the French text might say…

The other thing I love about this page is the border.  I once had a client that was moving around a lot, and he had his magazine subscriptions delivered to me for a number of months.  That was years ago, and while he picked up most of them, I ended up with a batch of yachting and sailing magazines that he told me I could keep.  I happened on to the stack of them this weekend, and the colors are all so bright and beautiful!  I used an ad for a sailboat cruise to some wonderful island.  The colors were all blues and greens and sand and turquoise, and that inspired the color scheme of this whole page.  I just cut the add up into short, scalloped strips, and Voila!  An awesome border for the journal!  I Mod Podged ’em down, used some cream-colored paint along the scallops and followed that with my black Pilot Varsity pen.

I did a bunch of texture stuff on the background, I used several of my homemade stamps, did some doodling, and that kind of regular stuff.

So that’s all for now.  I will be back, I’m aiming for twice a week right now, I will get it nailed down to a regular schedule as we get settled from the move.

Here’s your Prompt: Grab an old magazine, and use some brightly colored or interesting pages to make some borders.  You might try a border for a photo or a journal block, or border the entire page!  You can use those old mags to make a pocket for your journal page, to tuck in some little personal notes or tidbits.  Those magazines have tons of great Art Fodder™!!


2 thoughts on “Conversations with God, a Journal Page and Updates

  1. Great pages! I love the colors you used and all of the different elements! The pocket is my fave part I think 🙂 I hope you and your family a new home soon so you can settle in! Take care

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