Do You Believe in Summer Magic?

Ahhh, we are finally settling in a bit in the new digs.  While I haven’t totally unearthed all of my art supplies, I have rediscovered older supplies that I had buried and forgotten.  It’s kind of like brand new supplies, like when you find a ten spot in the laundry, it’s like free money, right?

I have yet to find my scissors, which is a drag only because now that I can’t find them, I need them for every arting inspiration I have!

The kids are almost done with school, and we are already planning all kinds of artsy-craftsy projects for play time.  We’ll look forward to sharing fun summer projects with you coming soon.  Ally is excited to “guest post” again…

I did find a little window of time to play in my art journal.  As you can tell from the color scheme, I definitely have summer on the brain!  I love the long days and the smell of fires in the grill, the feel of the warm breeze on my face, and the sound of the kiddos’ laughter as they have water balloon battles.  Definitely have summer on the brain.









I have goals for this summer as well.  Summer magic is its own brand of magic, and anything is possible.

  • I am going to get my new home looking like I see in my mind’s eye.  I want it to reflect our personalities and joy, through being brave and arting on everything.
  • I aim to get the studio set up better than ever, with an area for shooting some videos for the blog.
  • I have been mapping out content for a book, and I am going to spend more time this summer filling in the content and organizing it into more readable and usable fashion.
  • I will also be focusing on more interactive projects with the kidlets.  They’re all big enough to really take a more active part in fun activities.
  • I will be spending more reflective time nurturing my own relationship with God and in focusing on our blessings.  Sometimes I get caught up in the tedium of daily life and forget to be quiet and listen.  But this summer, I am going to focus on the practice of daily discipline and finding the quiet time to reflect and listen.

What do you have planned for this summer?


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