The Music of Trees, an Art Journal Page

He who plants a tree

Plants a hope.

~ Lucy Larcom

It’s funny the things that I have done throughout my life…how many things seem so un-related to all of the other things.  The jobs I’ve had, the friends I’ve made, the hobbies I’ve picked up over the years.  If you heard a listing, you’d wonder what any of those things has to do with the others.

Here’s a great “for instance”: I studied horticulture in college.  Got a whole Bachelor of Science in horticulture.  My mom said that it was the perfect major for me cuz I always did love making mud pies, lol.  And while I still love plants and all things plant-related, I have not done much of anything with a college degree in plant stuff.

You could say I have a green thumb; I can grow just about anything, and I can hear the song of the plants, so to speak.  I know when they need something.  Somehow I just feel them.  And I feel so much more joyful, so much more peaceful, with plants around me.

The one battle I’ve been having with the new house, is that we don’t have the kind of plant life around us as we did in our old house.  This house is more in a neighborhood that’s all about the sidewalks and packing the houses in, Christopher calls it a “hive”.  Our last house had lots of old growth trees and bushes and plants and flowers, not just in our yard, but all around the neighborhood.

We’ve been digging around in the yards, prepping the ground and making plans for more plant life here.  I guess that the journal page I’m sharing with you today shows that I’ve had nature on my mind…

It didn’t start out with a tree in the forefront of my mind’s eye, I just got started wanting to play in green.  I scribbled with NeoColors in the background, just to see the shades of green.  The rest started coming out after that.









Maybe the page was all about my hopes that someday I’ll have a yard full of plants again, although a tree takes a while.  It’s also a good exercise for me with the whole painting an actual thing sort of art.

Prompt: Do you have a favorite plant or tree or flower?  Have a go at painting it onto a journal page, fill up the whole page with colors and shades of colors in that realm.  You can paint the image as you see it in your own mind’s eye, or you can grab some photos off the internet or of plants in your own yard to study and paint.  




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